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Tips and tools to make your business lockdown-proof in Australia

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The impact of COVID-19 and its resulting restrictions have been incredibly hard on Australian small businesses. But while we can’t control lockdowns, you still need be able to take control of your business.

Join Podium for this one-off session on surviving and even growing in lockdown. Whether your state is in full lockdown, minimal restrictions, or preparing for reopening, we’ll be providing advice and tools for every circumstance.

The session will cover:

  • Managing communication, with your customers and your team
  • Why you should keep business open, and how to do it
  • Thinking about your web presence and being found online
  • Virtual consults, for any industry
  • Framing your marketing and promotions



Kate Christopher

Marketing Director - Podium


Ramey Shehata

Small Business Team Lead - Podium

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