7 top accounting websites to prove useful or inspirational.

Trying to create an accounting website that conveys your brand and experience while drawing in clients can be a significant challenge. You need to know what features to include and ensure that the website looks professional.

To make it easier to create a website for your accounting business or evaluate the websites of accountants your small business may work with, we have gathered some examples of the best accounting websites. When available, we also included the names of the agencies that built them, so you can potentially hire the same agency to create yours.

What website designs and components make a successful accounting website?

Before exploring the best websites, take a few minutes to ensure that you understand the components and web design elements that make an accounting website successful. 

Each of these elements includes an example in the form of a screenshot of the relevant section of our choices for the best accounting websites.

Showing Your Accounting Firm’s Credibility

One of the most important aspects of an accounting website is that it shows the credibility of your business. This section should convince potential clients to hire your services.

About John W. Weldon Accountant (example screenshot)

You will likely want to mention some of these elements on the home page, but most accountants also create an “About Us” page that goes into more detail. Information such as the team members’ experience, any honors received by the company or team members, and any published articles written by the team.

Contact Information

It should go without saying that any successful website, whether for a small business or a large company, needs to have readily available contact information on it. Basic information should be readily available on the home page, and there should be a separate “Contact” or “Contact Us” page.

Contact us screenshot of accountant google maps

Strong Technical Features

Good websites will also have robust technical features. The design will be mobile-friendly, and the pages should load quickly. The website will also be intuitive to navigate, with a menu bar and likely a bottom menu.

Screenshot of website header from KerberRose

Content to Entice and Inform Clients

As with most other industries, those in accounting should also ensure their website has content to help attract clients. This helps cement the firm’s authority and credibility. It also helps with SEO. A blog is a common example of this, but some accounting websites instead offer other types of “libraries” with suggestions.

Content Library of Article Categories

Service Overview

Accounting has several niches and specializations. As such, the best accounting websites will outline which specific services their business offers. Identifying helps reduce wasted time for both clients and the business.

KerberRose Website

The best accounting websites and their creators

With those basics of website design for accountants out of the way, take a look at some of the best examples of accounting websites. Whenever possible, we included the agency that created the websites as well. You can use that information to find more inspiration or an idea of what design agency you may want to work with. 

1. John W. Weldon CPA Created by Build Your Firm

John W. Weldon website screenshot

The John W. Weldon CPA website is an example of an excellent website. It was designed by Build Your Firm, a company that creates SEO-friendly websites for CPAs and accountants.

This website is straightforward to navigate, thanks to the upper and lower navigation menus. It provides detailed information on the firm’s various services and has contact information in a clear location on the home page. The website also clearly outlines which industries the firm services and includes specializations, such as small business accounting and IRS tax problems. The content library is the one in our example above and is vast, providing plenty of information for website visitors.

As a bonus, it has email signup to help the company collect leads and offers the ability for clients to pay via the website.

2. KerberRose

KerberRose Website Screenshot

The KerberRose website does not list who developed it, so we cannot share that information.

It meets all of the mentioned requirements for an accounting website. It has a blog to share content, easily available contact details, detailed information about services and industries served, and simple navigation. The “About Us” section is detailed and includes nearly every single member of the vast team. There is even a separate page about the history of the company. 

It is noteworthy that this website has both a blog and an accounting resource section. As such, it offers two separate types of useful content to help clients and improve SEO. Due to the size of this accounting firm, the website also has useful information for potential employees. 

3. Abacai

abacai website screenshot

Abacai offers an example of a more modern accounting website. Unfortunately, it is another website that does not list the creator. 

This website has everything mentioned above. The “About Us” section showcases the experience of both the company and the team. You also get added credibility from prominently displayed logos, such as the ICAEW Chartered Accountants and Trustpilot. The top menu makes the website easy to navigate. You can clearly see the services offered under the “What We Do” section. 

As a bonus, this website features a “Testimonials” section that adds credibility to the accounting company. It also has a lot of white space and uses phrasing that helps it appeal to its target audience, which consists of younger business owners.

4. Azure Group Created Using Bluehost and Divi

screenshot of the Azure Group website

Another amazing accounting website is that of Azure Group, an Australian firm. It is unclear whether this accounting website was created in-house or by an outside agency. However, we do know that it uses Bluehost as the host and the WordPress theme of Divi, which is incredibly popular.

This website has clear navigation at the top, which includes its services, divided by categories like taxation, private businesses, and accounting. The “Why Us?” section delivers the credibility clients want, and the firm’s contact information is easy to find.

 To help this website stand out even more, it has a background image that is eye-catching and includes a clear call to action placed above the fold, so visitors will easily see it. 

5. Bromhead Created By Elixel

Screenshot of Bromhead Website

Bromhead is a British accounting firm with a visually appealing website created by Elixel that fulfills all of the requirements for the industry. 

The “Our Services” page clearly outlines the services offered by the firm, with the “How We Help” page also offering some details. That latter page combines with the “Meet the Team” page to add credibility to the website. The “Insights” section is the firm’s blog, which provides content for SEO purposes and to help better serve clients. The overall design is simple and professional. 

Incorporating video and a simple yet effective headline that serves as a CTA, all above the fold, helps the website stand out. There is also a client zone, letting clients log into the website and view their accounts. There is also a “Careers” section due to the firm’s size.

6. Startup’s CPA Created With Bluehost and Divi

Startup's CPA website screenshot

Like Azure Group’s website, the amazing website of Startup’s CPA was created using Bluehost and the Divi theme. It’s unclear whether the accounting firm made the page themselves or hired an agency to do so. What is clear is that this is an impressive accounting website that appeals to modern businesses. 

The clear navigation menu shows various accounting services, including taxes and payroll. It also includes a convenient contact button. Instead of an “About Us” page to add credibility, this website focuses on the benefits clients get from their services. 

A bonus of this website design is that it lets clients log into their accounts.

7. Van Reybrouck Created By Skinn

Van Reybrouck Website Screenshot

Van Reybrouck is a Belgian accounting company with a standout website created by Skinn.

You can clearly see the main categories of services offered from the home page, including accountancy, tax and legal, and corporate finance. The navigation menu has the same buttons and an option to contact the firm, making that easy. The home page features a section dedicated to explaining the credibility of its “more than 40 experts” and includes other headers and paragraphs to boost its trustworthiness.

The website is available in Dutch, French, and English, further enhancing its appeal. Any accounting business with non-English speaking clients should consider following suit.

Why accounting websites are relevant to your business

Accounting agencies and individual accounts can look at other accounting websites for inspiration and then confirm what needs to be included. Marketing agencies or web design firms that work with accountants can use similar insights to guide their services. Firms outside the accounting field can also learn what features to look for in an accounting website to increase their trust before hiring their services.

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