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Convert better with website chat

Website chat lets you easily capture leads while they’re on your turf—straight from your website to a text conversation. Try it out here in the bottom corner of your screen.

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Trusted by over 100,000 businesses and 50 million happy customers.

From clicks to customers.

Talk how they want to talk.

Powerful business conversations start by meeting your leads on their preferred mode of communication—text.

Stop fishing for contact info.

You’ll start out with a name and a real phone number, so you can just focus on providing great service and closing the deal.

Keep the conversation going.

You’re not tied to a live chat and neither are your customers, so your leads stay hot even after they leave your site.

"30% of the people who come through our doors started their conversation with Couch Potatoes on our website through Webchat."

Brian Morgan Customer Headshot

Brian Morgan

Austin's Couch Potatoes

Text like a human.

Answer questions, schedule appointments, and close deals with real, friendly interactions that are convenient for you and your customers.

Match your brand.

Use the default Webchat widget or make it your own with a customized button, avatar, greeting, and after-hours reminder.

Track your performance.

Google Analytics integrations give you details into how your visitors interact with your site and which pages perform best.

Multi-Location Transfers

Easily transfer conversations from one business location to another.

Daily Digest Emails

Track Webchat performance with a daily report of new inbound leads.

Auto Responder

Start the conversation and capture the lead even when you can’t be there.

Smart Responses

Automatically respond to FAQs like business hours or store locations.


See and compare each employee's response times and conversations managed.

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    Text your way to the top of Google.

  • Payments

    Send a text and get paid. That’s it.

  • Campaigns

    Manage promotions with ease.

  • Surveys

    Customer surveys that actually work.

  • Inbox

    Every conversation in one place.