Customer surveys that actually work.

Just like everything else in Podium, it’s easy to get quick responses from your customers when you text them. Feedback makes the process easy—just ask a question and we take it from there.

Demonstration of Podium Feedback interface.

Trusted by over 100,000 businesses and 50 million happy customers.

A survey that doesn’t feel like a survey.

Don’t sweat it.

Gather feedback through two quick, automated messages. No links, no lengthy surveys.

Hear back in real-time.

Reach customers where they're most engaged and get responses in minutes, not months.

Turn customers loyal.

Understand what's working and fix what isn't so customers keep coming back to your business.

"We look at Surveys as an opportunity to learn and improve; I’m trying to get as much information as possible to see if there’s something we can do to make the customer happy. Being able to text with our customers to collect feedback and answer questions makes it easy for us to do that."

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Cody Alexander, Administrative Manager

Alpine Specialty Cleaning

Ask the right questions.

Use templates or write custom questions. Ask about customer experiences at any touchpoint, not just post-purchase.

See it in context.

See which channel a customer came from, who they've interacted with, and how long they've been a customer.

Resolve issues immediately.

Get alerted when customers have a bad experience and resolve issues through private, two-way conversations—before they walk away.


Get real-time notifications whenever you get a customer response.


Schedule survey requests to be sent after particular events.

Automated Responses

Set custom follow-up questions based on the responses customers give.


Track survey trends by location and department over time.


Determine your Net Promoter Score and see changes over time.


Define how many customers receive survey invites vs. reviews.

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  • Campaigns

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