Staff time is valuable. After all, they’re in charge of more than just one task. That’s what Autoresponder software is here to streamline: workflow and communication. This software enables employees to respond to potential customers without dropping everything for the most basic questions.


How Podium Offers Autoresponder Software

Ensuring your customers feel heard shows you care. That in turn can encourage customer loyalty. However, responding to each customer personally isn’t always possible. Writing customized messages is time-consuming, and you might not have the staff to accomplish this scope of customer service. Podium’s Autoresponder features on our SMS marketing platform can help you connect with customers without the extra staffing needs associated with personal responses. 

Start a Conversation Off-Hours

Podium’s Webchat software allows potential customers to share their contact information with your company—whether or not one of your team members is online to receive it immediately. Autoresponder can start the conversation for you. Then, one of your team members can reach out to follow through on the query. 

  • Since Autoresponder reaches out immediately, it can help you make initial contact with the lead while they’re still interested. 

Customize Your Widget

What message do you want to send potential customers? With Podium Webchat’s customizable widget, you can customize your message to match your business needs and brand image. 

  • It’s quick to implement Podium’s default widget because it’s already set up for you. However, if you crave a more personalized touch you may also customize this widget. This gives you the flexibility to select what is best for your business and customers. 

Reach Out When You Have Time 

Podium Webchat allows you to chat in real-time or during business hours after picking up off-hours queries from customers. Once your staff has time, they can use the information Webchat captures through the Autoresponder to connect with the lead. 

  • Team members can reach out to a potential lead whenever they have time—whether that’s an hour each day or a few minutes between meetings. Since team members can follow up with customers whenever they have time, Webchat is convenient for both your customers and staff. 

Delegate Leads

Since you can assign conversations through Podium, you can easily refer leads gathered through the Autoresponder to specific team members. 

  • Assigning leads can help prevent potential customers from going unanswered or unnurtured. Plus, it can spread out the work between your staff, so one team member doesn’t get stuck handling all your incoming messages.


Get Podium Webchat

While Podium’s Webchat features an Autoresponder, it offers so much more than an automated response to potential customers.

Customers can connect with your business through a widget on your website. Podium allows you to use a pre-built default widget, or customize your widget with your own message and avatar. 

Podium’s autoresponder collects leads for you to pursue at your convenience. Many businesses can’t afford to staff a dedicated online chat 24 hours a day. That means some customers might investigate your business while you’re not online. Through Podium’s Webchat, these potential customers can still input their information even when you’re not open for business, thereby collecting leads for you to follow up with.

Beyond that, Podium’s Webchat offers a whole host of modern features that make it simple and effective to interact with customers. You can access conversations through one convenient platform, transfer conversations between business locations, and connect with leads through a medium that’s convenient for them. Additionally, Podium Webchat features Google Analytics integration and tracks referring URLs to give you more insight.


How International Diamond Center Uses Podium Webchat’s Autoresponder 

International Diamond Center enjoyed healthy web traffic, but it struggled to engage with customers online. Since the business wanted to be a market leader, it needed to implement new systems to stay on top of its game. International Diamond Center turned to Podium’s Webchat as a convenient way to connect with potential customers. The business put a Podium Webchat widget on its website, and within one day, customers started reaching out. Through Webchat, customers who visit the business’s website can ask a question and get a quick response. International Diamond Center estimates a 200- or 300-percent increase in customer engagement since implementing Podium’s Webchat.

Thomas Clawson
Thomas Clawson Partner Marketing Manager

Thomas Clawson is a partner solutions professional at Podium, the leading messaging platform that connects marketing agencies with their clients.

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