It takes about 30,000 parts to build the average car. When you’re running an auto repair shop, you need to have the time and focus to concentrate on every single one. Time spent sifting through customer records, preparing estimates, or navigating time-consuming ordering processes delays repair times and brings business growth to halt. One of the quickest ways to streamline the time-draining administrative side of your repair business is to select the right invoicing software from the start. 

How to find the best auto repair invoicing software

Keep your business in the fast lane by selecting the right accounting platform for the unique needs of your auto repair business. Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself when you research your options.

Do you waste a lot of time juggling your ordering process? If the constant ordering of parts and equipment bogs down your productivity, consider a platform that eases this aspect of your workflow. Some platforms even offer automated text-based payments for seamless auto repair invoicing.

Are you struggling to provide cost-effective estimates? A quick way to lose business is to provide customers with delayed or inaccurate estimates for repair work. When customers have issues with their vehicles, they typically want to get back on the road as quickly as possible. If you try to tabulate labor and parts costs in your head, you can easily make a miscalculation. A powerful accounting system understands labor rates and the cost of each part so that you can provide accurate estimates the first time—establishing the right customer expectation and not accidentally shorting your business in the process.

 How tech-savvy are you? When you deal with software that integrates several aspects of your business into one platform, complexity can skyrocket. If navigating new technologies isn’t your forte, pay close attention to the customer service offerings of each platform. Is customer service access unlimited, or are you only permitted a certain number of free calls per month? Is customer support available 24/7? Make sure you pick a platform powered by a dedicated and helpful customer service team in case you run into issues.

Wave: The top free auto invoicing software 

If you’re just looking for a simple invoicing software to organize your auto repair accounting basics, Wave is one of the highest-rated free tools available. Wave users rave over its intuitive features that set up in a breeze. Its invoicing software is completely free with no limit on users or features. Here are some of the elements customers love most about Wave.

  • Create professional-looking invoices: Gone are the days of scratching costs on a pad of carbon copy paper. Customers expect professional-looking paperwork that details each service. Wave lets you tailor the look and feel of your invoices and estimates so you convey a professional, trustworthy image to your customers. 
  • Get started in minutes: Customers love Wave for its incredibly user-friendly features. If you’re looking for basic functions to better manage your shop’s money, Wave is the simple, easy-to-use software for you. If you do run into trouble, the customer service team offers free email support for all of its software services. 
  • Get an accurate picture of your cash flow: With at-a-glance insight into your business’s financials, you can make decisions that propel new growth. With Wave, you can easily see if you have the cash to run a new marketing campaign or upgrade your waiting area. 

With all these great features, you might wonder how Wave is able to turn a profit. It offers customers the opportunity to accept online payments and take a small chunk of the transaction in fees. Also, it charges for additional services like monthly payroll, so it can keep its accounting software 100% free. 

AutoFluent: The top paid auto invoicing software 

Once your repair shop outgrows the accounting basics, AutoFluent is your go-to choice. This highly rated point-of-sale platform organizes everything from invoicing to direct vendor ordering under one roof. Unlike other alternatives, AutoFluent does not charge a pricey licensing fee or require its users to sign on to long-term contracts. Its monthly fee is $95 per month and includes a large suite of features and services. Some of those include the ability to,

Simplify your ordering process: Many popular suppliers integrate their inventory catalogs directly into AutoFluent’s system. This eliminates the need for additional phone calls or time-consuming visits to individual vendor websites to place orders. You can stock up on parts and even set up recurring orders all within one platform.

Track every aspect of your accounting: This robust software lets you track and manage everything from sales to customers and mechanics. AutoFluent provides a comprehensive record of your profit on every repair and lets you monitor mechanic efficiency. Find out what mechanics make the most money for your business and make adjustments accordingly. 

Access a top-rated customer service team: One of AutoFluent’s most talked about features is its white glove customer service team. At no additional charge, AutoFluent offers comprehensive customer service support and training. The company is even willing to visit your location to help with the setup. 

AutoFluent offers everything you need to keep your auto repair shop running in the fast lane. With its passionate customer service team on your side, you’ll never have trouble using this award-winning software. 

The right accounting and invoicing software gives you the freedom to focus less on paperwork and more on what really matters—your customers. Whether you just need to cover the basics with Wave or seek a more robust solution like AutoFluent, streamlining the administrative side of your business is the number one way to power up your repair shop profits and grow your business.

Max Steckler
Max Steckler Head of Strategic Automotive Partnerships

Max Steckler, is an auto professional at Podium, the leading messaging platform that connects auto dealerships and businesses with their customers.

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