Customer communications software allows your business to conveniently manage all customer interactions across multiple channels, all from Podium’s convenient Customer Interaction tool.


How Podium Provides Customer Communications Software

Customers use many different channels to find your business online, ask your employees questions, communicate their needs and voice their feedback and concerns. Whether they’ve initiated contact through interacting with Google, social media, a live chat on your site, or text message, all customer communication gets consolidated onto one comprehensive platform through Podium’s Customer Interactions tool, an industry-leading customer communications software solution.


Connect Through Multiple Channels

Centralizing and funneling all customer communication into one easy-to-use portal saves your staff valuable time, enhances your customer service capabilities, and keeps your customers satisfied. Instead of having to check and respond to messages coming from Facebook, Instagram, SMS, and through your website, there is only one central inbox to manage. 

  • Consolidating customer interactions through one platform is a win-win for both customers and your employees. Your business benefits by saving time and resources in managing and responding to each message. Your customers receive better, faster service, and can reach out via any method they choose and receive a prompt response. This helps promote a better customer experience, which leads to customer loyalty, more referrals, and an increase in positive reviews.


Communicate in Context

There are many potential points of customer interaction within your customer journey. Potential clients may do a Google search to find your company. They might then inquire about your products or services, decide to schedule an appointment, and, ideally, want to share feedback following their positive business transaction. 

With Podium’s Customer Feedback tool, you’ll gain access to customer communications software that gives you immediate access to their entire communication trail. From their very first message to their last, you’ll have a holistic overview of their history as a customer.

  • With contextual communication, you’ll be able to see how long they’ve been a customer, what their needs are, and which staff members they’ve interacted with previously. Conversations can also be easily assigned and transferred to different employees or business locations, and other staff members are free to take over the dialogue at any point. This keeps customer communication seamless and consistent while continuing to fulfill needs and satisfy high expectations. 


Enhanced Messaging Capabilities

Customer Communications Software not only streamlines customers’ messages, making it easier for your business to manage, but it also comes with a host of messaging features. You can mark messages as read and unread, define permissions, utilize the software app on your smartphone, send attachments, use customized message templates, and set up conversations to be automated.

  • These advanced messaging capabilities speed up response times, turning leads into customers, promoting a positive customer experience, and closing the loop on the customer feedback cycle. Send and receive photos and videos, and automate customer notifications at all transaction points, including reminders, review invites, feedback requests, and more. Podium’s Customer Interactions tool saves your business time and money and helps you to continually improve your NPS Score


Get Podium Customer Communications Software

Podium offers innovative customer communications software through our Customer Interaction tool. Consolidate all conversations across multiple communication channels into one business-friendly platform. This saves time from having to log in to different sites and check multiple inboxes throughout the day. It also benefits your customers, who can reach out via the channel they’re most comfortable with using. It allows your business to provide outstanding customer service by responding to customers quickly and efficiently. 

Each customer is unique, and customer communications software allows your business to personalize all interactions based on each customer’s history. With each new message received, you’ll see all prior communication with that customer, and you can assign conversations to specific staff members. Additional features include a mobile app to communicate with customers from anywhere and the ability to send and receive attachments. You can also create customized message templates, use an autoresponder, and assign user permissions for employees to access conversations at the correct time.


How Tire Outlet is Using Podium Customer Communications Software to Drive Sales

With 10 stores, Tire Outlet is a popular regional retail chain that takes pride in the personal service it offers customers. Their previous customer interaction platform was difficult to manage, and they found they were losing business leads as a result. They came to Podium for a smoother, more intuitive and efficient way to communicate with customers.  

After implementing Podium’s Customer Communications Software, Tire Outlet saw an immediate positive impact on its customer engagement. They were able to interact with customers without having to go back and forth between multiple inboxes. As a result, they almost tripled the number of business quotes they send out per day, which has led to significant growth and increased sales.

Matt Boyce
Matt Boyce Head of SMB Marketing

Matt Boyce is a marketing and business professional at Podium, the premiere messaging platform that connects local businesses with their customers.

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