7 great insurance job resources.

If you are looking to start your career in the insurance industry, it can be incredibly overwhelming at first. This can even be the case for industry veterans who are dissatisfied with their current company or want to change paths within the field of insurance. However, getting a job in insurance does not have to consume all your time and energy. To save some time, we’ve compiled a list of seven sites that tend to have listings for great insurance jobs.

Some of the websites focus solely on job listings in the industry while others also host listings in dozens of other industries. Each has advantages, so you will have to decide if you prefer to have tens or hundreds of thousands of listings that you filter through to find hidden gems or just a few thousand high-quality listings. There is also nothing stopping you from using multiple sites to find great insurance jobs.

If you’re getting started on your own you can learn how to build your own website. For those looking to get started on their own, check this guide.



One website dedicated solely to listing great insurance jobs, iHireInsurance, has the expected features to make your search easier, such as search filters and categories. There are also plenty of listings, despite its dedication to insurance. According to iHireInsurance, 2,120 jobs are added every day.

You can search by job title or location in the search bar, including international locations. There are also categories to browse, including cities, job titles, and skills. Some of the job titles available include workers’ compensation, premium audit, loss control and risk management, legal and compliance, insurance manager, facilitator, education and training, and account manager. Like most of the other sites on this list, you can also upload your resume.

iHireInsurance also goes a step further by offering a section dedicated to career advice, spanning resume writing, networking, and interviewing.



For those who want as many options as possible in their search for great insurance jobs, Indeed is a strong option. Both employers and potential employees use this general job listing website. To say that there is an abundance of insurance job choices on Indeed is an understatement, as our search showed 42,900 listings.

The long list of filters and the ability to upload your resume also help Indeed stand out. As a bonus, Indeed has a separate section on its website for employees to rate their jobs. You can use this to gather insights as to whether you would like to work for a specific company you see listed.


Insurance Jobs

Based on the name, it is clear that this website focuses on the insurance industry with its job listings. This way, you know that every listing you see is for a job in the industry, saving time that would be spent filtering through listings. Right from the homepage, you can search for jobs via keywords, job titles, or location.

Alternatively, you can browse jobs by state, like New York; city; or category. Categories include actuarial, claims, adjuster, insurance agent, health insurance, insurance customer service, insurance sales, risk management, underwriting, life insurance, and workers’ compensation. The categories are particularly helpful, as they let you easily narrow down your search and just look at the jobs in the role you prefer.

One of the nice things about InsuranceJobs.com is that the website also has a list of employers, so you can get a feel for the types of jobs that are posted. There are also sections for career advice and uploading or working on your resume. That career advice section is particularly helpful, as it is divided into sections on general career advice, finding a job, insurance news, resume help, interview questions, and interview preparation.


Insurance Journal

Insurance Journal does more than just offer job listings, although it has a nice selection of them. The also website features recent news that is relevant to the industry.

You can search for great insurance jobs by location or browse categories such as sales, management, marketing, finance, claims, underwriting, information technology, and customer service. Although some websites have more job listings than this one, the focus on the industry earns it a spot on this list. You may find a role you would not have thought about within the industry, such as a clerk, and be able to use that to get your foot in the door.



In addition to its status as a professional social media website, LinkedIn is also a top site for finding great insurance jobs. There are more than 884,000 listings for insurance jobs in the United States, so there is no shortage of career opportunities. As expected, you can filter results to find those that meet your requirements.

Conveniently, the nature of LinkedIn means that you may not need to upload as much information about yourself, as it will already be in your profile. The website’s design also makes it simple to send a direct message to job opportunities. Even better, since it is a professional social media website, it not only lists jobs but also presents digital networking opportunities.



Monster is another strong choice if you want to find thousands of great insurance jobs to choose from. A quick search for insurance jobs found 363,000 job listings, so there is a wealth of options. For your convenience, you can also filter the job listings by city and state, as well as by company. There is also the option to create a job alert, so you receive an email when more insurance jobs are listed.

Monster also has a great salary tool on the website, which will give you a ballpark figure to help with negotiations. This section also includes articles to help with your salary negotiations, plus a separate section on career advice.


Ultimate Insurance Jobs

Ultimate Insurance Jobs is an option if you want to make sure that you do not have to filter through jobs that are not relevant to the industry. The tradeoff is that you have fewer listings to search. At the time of writing, there were around 2,500 listings for insurance positions.

The website is well-organized, with the ability to browse jobs by category. Instead of the five to 10 categories on most websites, there are 24 categories, from financial services to marketing/communications to underwriting. Alternatively, you can search by job title or keyword, along with the city. You can also upload your resume to this site.

In addition to the job listings and a section on career advice, Ultimate Insurance Jobs includes a list of other useful resources for networking, finding jobs, educational programs, and more, all to help you advance your career.


Why find great insurance jobs?

When you put in the legwork to find great insurance jobs instead of mediocre ones, you set yourself up for success. You are more likely to be satisfied with a role in a highly rated company, as you will be treated with respect and fairly compensated for your work. The field of insurance can be high-stress, depending on your role, but having a great job will give you the motivation to keep working toward your goals. Great jobs also tend to have more opportunities for promotions, raises, and paid training, all of which can improve your future career and your quality of life.

Of course, as you search, you will have to consider what a great insurance job looks like to you. Some people focus on the location while others prioritize the salary, benefits, or work environment. You may only want a particular type of insurance job or may be open to any role in the industry.

Regardless of how you define great insurance jobs, with a strong resume and the above websites, you should be on track to start or continue your career. Visit any of the above websites to begin your search for jobs that will interest you, play to your strengths, and get you involved in the insurance industry.

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