Many of your customers, such as homeowners and commercial property owners, are blissfully unaware of the several tiny dangers lurking outside their doors.

Although motion sensors, deadbolts, and security systems are par for the course, many homes and commercial properties remain unprotected against many non-human threats, such as pests, which are more likely to be a huge problem. If your customers are dealing with a pest infestation in their home or office, their main objective is to get rid of the issue as early as possible. In-wall pest control is an excellent and innovative pest control solution.

Whether it is cockroaches, ants, or something else, a pest infestation can lower the quality of life. Your customers need an effective pest control system that will not cause a huge hassle for them.

Before people ever notice the first signs or hints of a rodent or termite infestation, it is likely they are already living it up inside the walls – and probably breeding, nesting, and munching on wires. This is why pest defense is so vital. The good news is that there is an excellent pest control system designed to effectively confront and eliminate various pests, such as ants, within the walls: in-wall pest control.

Sometimes, your clients will have pests in their walls, and they would not even know it. And it is an unnerving and unsettling proposition, living among a silent pest infestation.

The issue will escalate with time and eventually may cause severe damage to their home or commercial property. You could offer in-wall pest control as a pest defense system against wall pest. Homeowners and business owners who are frustrated and tired of dealing with various wall pests, such as termites and ants, like the idea of having pest prevention built into their walls.

In-wall pest control features tiny pest control tubes that are carefully installed inside the walls to protect the home against pests, like bugs and ants.


What is an In-wall Pest Control System?

Also called an in-home tubing system, in-wall pest control system is pest control that a pest control company usually installs during the home construction process. And it is worth noting that in-wall pest control systems work via an effective network of tubes that tend to run through the home, before attaching to an external port. Pest control companies insert perforated pest control tubing into the home’s walls during the home construction phase.

Keep in mind that each pest tube is no larger than a pen. Also, these tubes have slits that consistently distribute a gradual supply of pest control chemicals throughout the inside of the walls. 

After the tubing is linked to external ports placed on the exterior walls of the home, the system is activated. And at the time of activation, a professional from the pest control company will come to the home in order to inject pesticide into the ports.

The great thing is that homeowners do not have to worry about pest treatments since the chemicals are present at all times. The pesticide creates a strong barrier and keeps various pests away. And the product is effective and kills the pests, such as ants, in the one place that they like to hide and breed – house walls!


Why use In-wall Pest Control?

There is no doubt that one of the most important benefits of pest tubes in the wall is that your customers can easily and efficiently target the pests where they are most likely to nest and breed.

This pest control system means that homeowners can limit the pesticides, such as rodents, that their family and even pets can be exposed to while using less product. Also, it is worth noting that the pest control tubes are inside walls; as a result, the product is adequately protected against sunlight, making it last considerably longer than spray treatments.

And from a convenience perspective, pest tubes in the wall are excellent as the treatments can be easily done from the outside, which makes it convenient. Your customers do not have to be home at the time of this service.


Benefits and Reasons why Customers are Happier with In-wall Systems vs. Spray Treatments

As you can imagine, there are several benefits of having these pest control tubes installed in a home during construction.

Easy and Quick Access

A service technician from the pest company will show up at frequent intervals, such as twice a year to every quarter after home construction is complete to apply an effective pest control treatment through the external port. The technician does not have to enter your customer’s home as the port is outdoors.

Safer than Spray Treatment

This is another reason customers prefer in-wall pest control. As chemicals are injected into the wall, they won’t get into contact with their kids and pets. And no harmful chemical odors mean your customers will have no health risks.

Works in the Background

Homeowners and business owners who opt for in-wall pest control tubes appreciate the convenience. This is because they don’t need to vacate the house or commercial property for pest control treatment. And, more importantly, pest problems are easily controlled before they can become severe. The professionals can get to various pests where they live, and traditional pest control methods and techniques cannot do this as effectively as in-wall pest control. Another benefit is that maintenance costs are cheaper than many other pest control methods.

What to Keep in Mind?

While this pest defense system is excellent, even with in-wall injection pest control, homeowners need regular pest control treatments on the exterior. The in-wall pest tube system is designed to hit target locations within the walls, instead of covering it in pesticides. So, remember that resilient pests, like cockroaches, termites, and rodents, might find another way into the home. After all, the walls are just one way for pesky pests to enter the house.

As the pest control tubing doesn’t cover every inch of the property, some pests, such as termites, may be able to infiltrate past its barrier. 

However, compared to traditional methods, in-wall pest control is more effective and affordable with a slew of other benefits.

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