Lead generation software ensures your business converts new customers. It helps your team collect important customer information and manage leads so you can follow-up and convert those people into clients. 


How Podium Provides Lead Generation Software

For a business to succeed, it needs customers. But how does it cultivate a strong customer base? Generating and pursuing leads. That being said, keeping track of those leads and nurturing each one to a sale can be complicated. Podium can help you collect and manage your leads, so you can spend less time pursuing individuals and more time doing what you do best. 

Manage Interactions on One Platform

Where do your leads come from? If you’re like many other businesses, leads flow in from a wide variety of sources. That makes tracking and following up more complex—unless you have the right tools. Podium helps condense these leads onto one convenient platform to make lead nurturing easier. 

When leads come from multiple channels, your staff may find it challenging and time-consuming to respond to each one. Because Podium allows you to interact with leads from multiple channels on one platform, you can save time. Plus, you’ll have more time to respond promptly to leads while they’re most interested in your business. 

Increase Your Visibility

To attract customers, people need to know your business exists. Podium increases your online visibility through review generation, so more potential customers know you’re out there. 

Soliciting reviews is challenging for many businesses. While you can ask clients to leave you reviews, many skip this step. Podium Reviews makes it easy for you to request reviews and for customers to leave them. Doing so helps your review count and visibility skyrocket with very little effort. Once more people know about your business, you may attract new leads that you’d otherwise miss. These reviews also build credibility and trust, so your leads will be warmer when they reach out—and closer to a sale.

Communicate Using a Customer’s Preferred Channel

Your potential customers are diverse and have a wide range of communication preferences. Some may opt to reach out on social media while others text or email. With Podium, customers can reach out using the medium they like most. 

Some businesses limit which channels potential customers can use to communicate with them. Allowing customers to reach out via their preferred channel ensures you don’t miss interested leads. It also shows your business’s commitment to its customer service and modern technology.

Manage Leads Together

You can assign conversations in Podium, so it is easy to work together to manage leads and satisfy customers. Since conversations come with context, it is easy for one employee to jump in where another left off. 

Working together as a team can play to everyone’s strengths. One team member may be better at explaining your business offerings, while another might be better at closing the sale. Regardless of how you choose to delegate responsibilities, it’s useful and fruitful to redirect leads. 


Get Podium Lead Interaction Platform

Podium’s Lead Interaction Platform features Podium Reviews and Podium Webchat. Each product offers powerful lead generation potential. 

Podium Reviews can attract new leads by making it easier for potential customers to find your business online. Having recent reviews helps your business appear higher in local search results. Podium makes it easy to solicit new reviews through an automated request process, which takes some of the grunt work out of enhancing your SEO ranking. 

Podium Webchat is another helpful tool to connect with leads. Potential customers can leave their contact information through a Webchat widget on your website. Then, you can connect via text to follow up, answer questions, and close the deal. 


How James+James Furniture Uses Podium Lead Interaction Platform as Lead Generation Software

James+James Furniture had an online chat system in place, but it didn’t deliver the engagement the business hoped for. When the furniture company implemented Podium’s Webchat, that changed. James+James Furniture estimates that in one month alone, 27 percent of customers interacted through Podium before making a purchase. Additionally, the customers who connected to James+James Furniture through Podium spent an estimated 15 percent more than those who didn’t. 


Matt Boyce
Matt Boyce Head of SMB Marketing

Matt Boyce is a marketing and business professional at Podium, the premiere messaging platform that connects local businesses with their customers.

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