In most cases, it’s intimidating creating, piecing together, and writing a marketing proposal for companies. This one document plays a vital role in a company’s growth and success. Having a strong, persuasive, and goal-oriented marketing proposal may be what sets companies apart from the rest. 

A marketing proposal can help your companies improve business performance, identify new goals, prioritize specific marketing needs within your company and define the overall path your business is taking. This marketing proposal can set the stage to utilize different marketing strategies and tools to allow the continual growth of a company.

By having the proper template or layout curated to a company’s needs, you can utilize this each time you have a new marketing project and proposal to write. You can create a basis to develop a trusted process used each time you write a new marketing proposal for your team. The persuasive process never changes, so having a template to take advantage of, can create positive business results. 

Templates simplify the entire writing process and make it easier to complete, gaining confidence in the proposal you are creating. This process will assist in reaching the target audience, engaging with them in new ways, and coordinating a strong marketing plan for companies. 

What is a marketing proposal, and how to scale using a marketing proposal template? 

Put simply; a marketing proposal is a document that communicates an idea or plan for a marketing project and the budget in mind. Typically key stakeholders, investors, owners of the company, or clientele see a proposal to expand on a company’s goals and make them a reality. A proposal helps you understand a new side of success that a business is trying to reach. 

To discover what this new project or proposal could be, you can conduct research to implement the most beneficial marketing tactics towards showcasing a new service or product to your clients. Research helps to increase sales and gain customers simultaneously. 

Acknowledge the hopes and dreams as a company, and see what lies ahead for your team to achieve. 

To know what is best for the company, analyze your client’s needs and the growth you want over time. What goals does the company have? 

Use a trusted and concise marketing proposal template to create and complete new proposals to give the company the means necessary to continually achieve new goals, increase sales, and build success. This gives room to grow as a team, expand clientele and actively develop new skills and marketing techniques for the company to use along the way. 

What should be included in a marketing proposal?

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When writing a new marketing proposal, it is important to include three key sections in your piece. Elaborating on each of these three various points is the recipe for success.

Develop the problem you can solve.

First, you want to address the issue and develop an understanding of its effect on your clients. Elaborate on the problem that you want to solve. Pinpoint the key reasoning for your interest in this project and finding a solution while convincing the audience why this project is crucial to your development as a company.

Use research or statistics to share insight into your project and why it is crucial to complete. Show that you understand your ever-changing clientele’ needs and how your project can meet those needs. 

Elaborate on the client’s point of view and communicate how your company can complete the project—Stating your ability to change and shift according to customers’ relevant needs and wishes through the project will be a significant differentiator from your competitors. 

Propose your solution in your marketing proposal.

After addressing the problem, you will explain the solution the company has planned. 

Develop the marketing proposal by introducing the recommended solution your team has, and how it will solve the problem effectively while satisfying your customers as their loyalty can be vital to the company. 

Create a connection between each service you recommend and the valuable benefits they will have on the client. Remember, the client is the key component to writing a piece and finding success within this project. They are the building blocks to gain authenticity and reliability regarding the brand. 

Allow your proposal to connect the dots for your reader. How the problem you’ve seen can be solved by your solution and how this solution will benefit your clients, making this a valuable project to take on. 

Pricing information 

The last part, but one of the most important, is the pricing information or the fee summary regarding your project’s estimated cost. 

In most cases, the project will be long-term with many milestones in mind the company will want to accomplish along the way. These milestones will show the different goals the company can achieve and the resources necessary to complete the project over time as each milestone passes.

This information is typically displayed in grid-style formatting, making it easier to read and understand the connection between each milestone and the payments received. This will show how each milestone reached is a stepping stone to reaching the finish line of the entire project. 

This will showcase the value of the project and the importance of funding. The reader will then understand how these three things connect, the benefits customers will receive, and the success that is awaiting the company by accomplishing these things. 

How do you write a marketing proposal? 

To create a professional yet persuasive proposal for your team, it is important to include a few important elements regarding the company’s project. 

To begin writing the proposal, consider all the information regarding the project and all you want to take on as a team. Keep the goals in mind and the solution you wish to provide for the previous clients and future customers as well. 

When following a marketing proposal template to guide the piece, you will have peace of mind and ease delving into the writing process. To begin, you will start with adding a cover page. 

Making the proposal’s cover page. 

This will include the company’s name, logo, a quote or testimonial from a trusted, previously satisfied customer, and statistics to back up that statement. 

Table of contents 

This will give an overview of the contents within the pages of the proposal and make it easier to find certain sections when reading through. 

Opening statement and executive summary of the marketing proposal.

The opener, also known as an executive summary, explains how you connect with the audience and engage with clients. It covers how you developed the proper solution regarding the problem and the results you hope to see by completing this project. 

Give insight into the company, future goals, and how you plan to continue to see the business grow. This is an overview of the entire company and the success you wish to see. 

A compelling solution section will make your marking proposal stand out. 

This is where you include the three main points you are trying to make. You should have already pre-planned this section, implementing valuable information into each part. Ensure that you are creating a complete understanding of the company’s needs and goals to meet. 

Include these three points and develop this information; it will be one of the most crucial parts of the entire document. 

  • Develop the problem 
  • Propose a solution 
  • Pricing information 

Adding investment information to your marketing proposals. 

In this section, you can include information regarding the timeline for the project and the estimated cost. Reiterate the connection between the timeline, money spent, and the milestones the team can reach each step of the way until you complete the marketing project. 

About your team 

This is where you get to shine a light on the members of your team. After all, they are working on this project, so showcase their talents and how they can create success for the project you are working on making a reality. You will include a headshot of each team member, their name, title, and any background information that is relevant to their role in the current project and the benefits they bring. 

Provide case studies to include with your marketing proposal template.

When you provide case studies, you are essentially backing up the marketing proposal with proof and credibility regarding the company’s previous success. 

You can describe how you saw a problem, found a solution, took on a project, and the results that you discovered at the end. You can present these results through data or graphs, showing essential highlights of what you accomplished with projects you previously took on—thus revealing that the project you wish to work on can hopefully have the same successful outcome. 

The marketing proposal agreement.

This is when everything becomes legitimate. The audience reading your proposal decides if this project is something they want to take on and fund, putting trust in your company and the future you can create. 

The contract terms, fine print, and final signatures will go on this final page. After all, you have explained and tried to communicate, it will all come down to the agreement happening within the proposal’s last page. If both parties sign, then this will be the beginning of your project and the future success you will see developing within your company.

Perfecting the marketing proposal by using a template. 

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To create the ultimate marketing proposal every time, having a template or lay-out to guide you is essential. This will assist you in maintaining focus throughout the writing process and give you a secure structure to support the document each time. 

If you need help finding a useful marketing proposal template then partnering with podium may be the next step for your company to take. By working with Podium you will find beneficial marketing tools at the tip of your fingers, to help you create the perfect marketing proposal for your company whenever you take on a new project. This will help your business to excel and increase sales accordingly as you take on more new projects and find new ways to satisfy your clientele. 

The key to seeing your business flourish and thrive is by creating a successful, reliable, and persuasive marketing proposal that is foolproof every time. A process you can trust, get used to, and develop more each time you tackle a new project. The tools to create success for your company are in your hands, but it is your decision to try new things, take on new projects and find new ways to meet your customers’ needs. 

Through writing marketing proposals and developing new projects, you can take your business to the next level and find success awaiting your company as you engage with new clients and work to satisfy your customers each step of the way

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