Being great at what you do means keeping abreast of new topics, new methods, and new products. Essentially, you need to continue learning your craft at all times. No matter how long you’ve been in the business, you must never stop learning.

We know that you don’t have time to search the internet for the best mortgage broker websites, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find some of the best resources available on the internet for mortgage brokers in specialty niches. 

The best sites for you

 Here, you’ll find links to some informational blogs, news outlet spaces, research studies, podcast websites,  and more. Peruse our list and read what fits your niche and interests.

Creative lending

If you specialize in finding creative financing for your buyers, LoanOfficerHub has a ton of creative articles for you. There is a plethora of information for many different niches, but there is a focus on the loan officer aspects of lending. This knowledge can give you insight into which banks are lending money and the criteria they are using to determine who gets their money. Read about trends, peruse market research, analytics, and information about specific lenders at this blog site with thousands of articles to read.

Lykken on Lending is a captivating radio show to listen to with a wide variety of topics discussed. David Lykken is a 40-year industry professional who regularly consults and teaches all aspects of mortgage banking. He is a great resource to absorb information as you’re driving to showings and meetings.

Mortgage Industry Experts

Commercial lending

You specialize in finding loans for businesses. Commercial real estate is a world of its own, and it’s a fast-moving world where deals are done daily and quickly. Enormous sums of money can change hands in a matter of days on multi-million dollar properties, so there is a lot on the line. Knowing the latest news is key to staying on top of this challenging mortgage niche.

We recommend reading The Scotsman Guide for Commercial Lending. You’ll get updates on market trends and find out how to connect with the best lenders, even know when and where they are holding their conventions. View actual print magazines or their digital version.

Refinance lending

This is a niche that can be quick from start to finish, making it a lucrative career choice. Often, lenders are more likely to lend money to someone, even without the best credit, because they are already in the home with some equity (ideally).

Some lenders are more concerned with the equity than the homeowner’s credit, while others are concerned with dotting all the i’s and crossing all the t’s. You’ll appreciate the convenience of this blog site as it‘s filled with videos that can be viewed from anywhere with your phone. It’s great to watch all the videos they’ve put together at the Mortgage Coach, where they specialize in refinancing loan information.

Mortgage Coach

Running your business/compliance

 This daily inbox’s sole purpose is to help you stay compliant, run your business effectively and efficiently, and make more money. NMP Daily will help you build your business, learn how to market yourself in your chosen niche, and get the best return on your marketing investment.

Running an office is just as important as chasing down leads and closing deals. You’ve got to stay on top of payments, documents, and follow all the rules that bind you as a loan officer, even as an independent mortgage broker. This is a great daily read with your coffee that will come to you each morning.

Loan origination/sales

You may also be interested in learning more in-depth information from a loan origination pro. Dave Hershman has his website that is filled with information. Dave is a speaker and top author, with six books under his belt and decades of experience. Check his website out when you’ve got some time to read. He can teach you tricks on closing deals, getting the ink on the line, and writing iron-clad loans that boost your bottom line.

 The Housing Wire is a great mortgage broker website with all the latest information on first-time homebuyer programs, loan origination, market trends, and why business will soon boom for mortgage brokers all across America. New blogs are posted regularly, with great information on the current housing market, with up-to-date articles this month. Sign up for their daily briefing and always understand new trends for the industry. 

Reverse mortgage market

SIDS is one of the best blogs on the internet filled with information for both agents and buyers. SIDAC has provided a reliable website with hundreds of articles for your perusing.

Even if the information is slanted more to the buyer, it behooves you to read what they are getting their information from before they come to you.

Reverse mortgage specialists face more of a challenge with trust than other mortgage brokers, simply because of seeds planted by bad lenders and misreading information.  This website has up-to-date information for everyone to read. This website is such a valuable resource consider sharing it with clients that would like to research for themselves regarding reverse mortgage loans.

In conclusion

After you read more information, you’ll get very motivated. Reading more regarding your craft will lead you to be excited about what you do. You need to continue learning to improve in your industry. Knowledge is power, and many of these sites have the specific intel you need to run your independent mortgage brokerage. 

This newfound knowledge will light a fire under you to improve your mortgage broker website. We’ve got some insider info on a great tool that you can use to help funnel more leads into your channel to gain more leads. Even better, they’re quality leads because they’re genuinely interested in your service.

Podium is a tool that you can access to help you attract leads, keep track of them, and better manage your marketing contacts and daily tasks. It’s like having your office completely managed with one tool, and did we mention that it starts for free?

Here are some of the features of Podium that you can put to work for your business:

  • REVIEWS – Podium makes it easy for your clients to give you a positive review that will help drive more traffic to your website. In times like this, when foot traffic isn’t beating down your door, this website traffic is your bread and butter, and the way to get it is through reviews.

When you have a lot of positive reviews, search engines automatically begin to rank you higher in searches. When your page ranking is higher, you’ll get chosen more often, making you more competitive in your local market.

When clients see a lot of positive reviews, they tend to gravitate toward those businesses that seem like a better choice based on those reviews. Shine the light on your mortgage broker business with a ton of great reviews.

Chris Carson quote from

  • FEEDBACK – Customers can leave you feedback that gives you critical insight into what their needs truly are. The best part is that this is collected via text messaging so that you can get clients to respond more frequently than by emailed surveys. You can also reach them in real-time, making it a way of fixing problems before becoming a problem. This is your chance to get a positive review.

Utilize a template to ask them questions that will lead you to provide better service going forward, making your mortgage brokerage the preferred office in your area. Since you’re alerted instantly when you receive feedback, you can respond immediately to problems, assuring clients that you care and want to resolve the matter right away. 

Disclosure: This solution to your business is not included in our free version but is offered with our standard pricing.

  • INBOX – This feature is a knock-out. It is, hands-down, the best organizational time-saver that you will ever find. You can use this feature to manage and respond to every message you receive across multiple channels. In other words, your Facebook business page messages will show here, and so will your Twitter messages, your IG messages, your business emails, and chat messages from your website (which is also a Podium product that you can use!).

When you can open one page and see all of your messages, gone are the days of logging into five different platforms so that you don’t miss messages. Having a dozen windows open on your laptop, just so you know when you are needed is no way to be organized. Podium Inbox solves this issue once and for all.

Once you’ve got all the information you need, organize yourself to maximize your career potential and profits, you’ll be five steps ahead of the competition. Start your growth with Podium for free and enjoy the benefits of seamless communication and promotion.

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Elizabeth Gallagher is a real estate and legal professional at Podium, the premier messaging platform that connects local businesses with their customers.

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