Mortgage brokers need somewhere to organize all the information regarding their current clients and potential clients. With a mortgage CRM (customer relationship management software), you will find yourself better-equipped to develop relationships with your clients.

Customer relationship management is a strategy that helps you manage your client interactions. Given that mortgage brokers tend to repeatedly interact with their clients throughout securing a loan, a CRM can help you stay organized.

Using a mortgage CRM will also allow you to improve your lead generation in several ways. Programs can help with many aspects of lead generation, depending on the software. It can help identify the right text to use, the time to send messages, assist with customer service, and help you convert leads into clients via improved customer relationships. Many mortgage CRMs have additional features specific to the industry, such as loan partner drip marketing and mortgage-based marketing material.

5 Mortage CRM Solutions You Can Use to Step Up Your Game

1. BNTouch

BNTouch has several different plans, and as an independent mortgage broker, you are most likely to opt for the Individual Plan. If you have others working for you, you may want the Team plan, which starts at two users. Just keep in mind that there is a limit of 2,500 records per user.

Key Features

BNTouch incorporates marketing materials into its mortgage CRM, thanks to unlimited video marketing, unlimited emails and campaigns, and voice and text marketing. You will find more than 180 premade pieces of content to use in your campaigns. The text and voice marketing allows for automated text messages as well as pre-recorded voice messages.

Lead conversion is another strong point of this mortgage CRM, thanks to an integrated, automated environment. You also get the incorporation of a digital loan platform, including online 1003, in-processing updates, digital documentation management, unique portals for partners and borrowers, and in-app push notifications.

To help you keep clients happy, earn referrals, and increase their chances of returning to you for future mortgages, BNTouch also incorporates follow-ups at 5, 10, and 15 years after loans are closed or canceled. You can configure this however you want, including email and text.

There are also alerts for things like birthdays as well as refinance opportunities to maintain a strong relationship with clients. This mortgage CRM also includes:

  • Collaboration tools
  • Surveys
  • Websites and landing pages
  • Live chat on your website
  • Built-in e-signatures
  • Curated content for social media

Lead Generation

This mortgage CRM helps with converting leads once you have generated them, via the integrated marketing features and notifications for birthdays and opportunities.

2. Cimmaron Software

Cimmaron Software is a mortgage CRM designed to help you close more loans, increase referrals, and convert leads.

Key Features

This mortgage CRM includes:

  • Automated marketing
  •  Lead management
  • Contact management
  • Video email marketing
  • Two-way texting
  • User chat
  • LOS integration
  • Mobile apps
  • Automated surveys
  • Data security
  • Customization

In terms of automated marketing, you can take advantage of the CRM’s pre-built drip campaigns, monthly newsletters, milestone e-Cards, videos in email marketing, and co-branded marketing. You can also use Cimmaron CRM to track performance, such as click-throughs and open rates.

Cimmaron includes customizable dashboards, the ability to view loan statuses and calculations, and the ability to view the complete contact history, along with Outlook integration. These specific features help you maintain a strong relationship with current clients and potential clients. 

Lead Generation

To help you generate leads, Cimmaron CRM integrates with all of the major predictive dialers and lead providers. You can customize the business rules for lead distribution and use the mobile app or the desktop version to automate lead distribution. The software also lets you track conversion rates, assign campaigns, and manage contacts.

3. Jungo

Jungo is the version of the Jungo CRM focused on mortgage brokers and those in the mortgage industry. Jungo prides itself on being the “most integrated mortgage CRM.” It can integrate with loan providers like Encompass by Ellie Mae, Calyx, and Byte; email providers like Gmail and Outlook; and marketing and sales tools like BombBomb, Optimal Blue, Phone Burner, Floify, Act-On, Mortgage Coach, and Salesforce.

Key Features

Jungo mortgage CRM lets you add and manage your contacts no matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection. Even better, Jungo has a mobile application so you can easily access the information from your smartphone.

It also lets you create reports on-demand, letting you easily track distributions, payments, and cost allocations.

This mortgage CRM incorporates features to manage and organize mortgage documents, including customizing the documents and storing everything in a secure location.

Jungo also includes automation of the workflow from lead generation to loan management, thus increasing productivity and efficiency throughout the entire customer journey, from when they are leads to when you are working with clients to find them the right mortgage for their needs.

Some other features of Jungo include:

  • Listing alerts when client or loans have properties listed
  • Synchronization with your Loan Origination Software
  • Loan document management
  • Lead capture based on zone or zip code
  • Referrals with automated pipeline reports for tracking the most profitable relationships
  • Email marketing and integration
  • Video emails
  • Post-close marketing
  • Loan milestone alerts
  • Mortgage reviews
  • Integrated SMS messaging
  • Ability to run pricing engine quotes
  • Powered by Salesforce

Generating Leads

Generating leads with Jungo is easy thanks to lead providers like Zillow, Lending Tree, Informa, Twilio, Lead Mailbox, and Trulia.

Workflow automation is also beneficial in terms of lead generation, as it helps you convert the leads.

4. Surefire CRM

Surefire CRM prides itself on being the most-used CRM within the mortgage industry. It was created with lenders in mind but also works well for mortgage brokers. The software was designed to help you market to your database, close more loans, and improve your referral relationships.

Key Features

This mortgage CRM has some features targeted to others in the industry, such as creating single property sites and open house flyers. Most of the features are also beneficial for you as a mortgage broker.

For example, you can integrate Surefire CRM with your Loan Operating System in real-time for up-to-date information. You can also take advantage of other integrations, such as Zapier. The subscription also includes open APIs if you are a developer or want to hire one.

There are numerous creative features to help with your marketing, including hundreds of templates for email, a media library of social media content and posts, professional-quality flyers, interactives, games, calculators, and videos.

In terms of customer relationship management, this mortgage CRM has print and email workflows to automate marketing. You can also set recurring deployments, letting you plan and reduce efforts in the future. To help you maintain a relationship after closing, the software has a Client for Life workflow and closing gifts.  

You can also automate database marketing and enjoy intelligent monitoring of the full database. There are also numerous features to help manage your relationship with partners, including co-branded content, workflows, and PartnerNetwork.

Generating Leads

In addition to all of the above features, Surefire CRM helps in lead generation with power calls and power messaging. The forms allow you to automate the process of capturing leads. The software also incorporates landing pages and surveys for further lead collection. You can also take advantage of Rate Alerts to mine your database for new leads. You can add a new lead while away from your office via the Surefire Mobile.  

5. Unify CRM

 Unify CRM prides itself on offering the “first complete mobile CRM for the mortgage industry.” This is a mobile application that includes many of the features from Unify’s other services, all of which are designed specifically for the mortgage industry. Both the mobile and non-mobile versions let you create flyers, start marketing campaigns, view loan details, set reminders, manage leads, view contacts, and more.

Key Features

When it comes to managing your contacts, Unify CRM lets you add contacts, adjust contact details and contact groups, send marketing, create or add notes, and schedule follow-ups. You can also perform similar functions for leads.

This mortgage CRM also has alerts for customers, opportunities, mortgage inquiries, property listings, and hot prospects.

It also features your full loan pipelines, including viewing the pipelines, loan details, and contacts. Unify also features a marketing library, video marketing, the ability to import phone contacts, text messaging, a customizable dashboard, a mortgage calculator, and a calendar for tasks and scheduled calls.

Unify also includes a real-time integration with your Loan Origination System, including monitoring more than 200 fields and mining the data in the LOS to help you spot new opportunities.

Lead Generation

If your main goal with the mortgage CRM is lead generation, you will appreciate the ability to add and view leads on Unify CRM, add notes about leads, form lead groups, and send marketing to leads. The multi-channel marketing features will help you convert those leads.

Why Independent Mortgage Brokers Need a Mortgage CRM

A mortgage CRM will help you bring in more leads to your mortgage brokerage and manage the leads you already have. You will have all the information regarding clients at your fingertips, along with integration with the other systems you use, such as LOS. This can improve your efficiency and help increase the number of completed loans, earning you more commissions.

You can bring in, even more, leads for your mortgage broker business with the addition of Webchat. You can even get Webchat for free, along with other useful tools for your mortgage brokerage, with Podium. Start using Podium for free today.

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