If you run a mortgage business, you know that conventional mortgage lending is a time-intensive, complicated, and paper-heavy process. Mortgage brokers face many challenges and problems. For example, did you know that an average loan application needs about 500 pages to complete?

You may also know that borrowers are now craving digital mortgages. As a result, they do not mind if the whole journey is online. A survey by Fannie Mae indicates that almost two-thirds of borrowers would prefer a fully digital mortgage.

Mortgage brokers face other problems too. Did you know that many lenders still depend on analog processes and legacy systems to process mortgage applications? And this often leads to a slowdown in both data collection and loan approvals. So, it is worth mentioning that at a time when your consumers expect quicker, more streamlined, and more efficient digital lending experiences, conventional processes may no longer cut it.

There is no doubt that because of the recent technological innovation in nearly every industry, it has become essential to rethink customer relationship management and customer retention strategies. Enhancing customer services has become a backbone for any business, and the mortgage business is no exception.

An essential part of running a successful and growing mortgage business is managing the various relationships that you have with your customers. Keep in mind that this becomes much simpler and quicker when you have effective mortgage software at your disposal. 

Mortgage and loan origination software solutions effectively help loan officers, mortgage lenders, and mortgage brokers save time, comply with overwhelming regulations, increase efficiencies, and convert more.

How can mortgage brokers better economize their time? Here's our top 7 picks for best mortgage software for brokers.

What Is Mortgage Software?

Mortgage software, also known as mortgage CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, is designed and developed to help mortgage brokers and professionals better run their front-end operations. CRM software is important for your mortgage business as it helps your firm store customer data in a centralized database that you can easily share among all the departments in your organization.

Mortgage software automates most of your laborious and time-consuming marketing tasks, like follow-ups with realtors, partners, closed clients, prospects, and leads.

Why you need Mortgage Software

Here are some ways your business can benefit from using mortgage software:

Improve Customer Relationship Management

As a mortgage broker, it is important to keep all your contacts organized. You should also create proper activity logs and follow up on your prospects to get more business. A mortgage software solution can offer you all of these benefits.

By using mortgage software, you will automatically stay connected with your clients while receiving all their information automatically. And that is not all; you can even track their interests and find new prospects.

Effective Lead Collection and Engagement

A quick and short blurb on any advertisement or promotional flyer that contains your CRM text message number can instantly provide you with contact information to generate leads to start moving them through your sales process effectively and efficiently.

And note that with SMS features, your mortgage software can then automatically send your clients automatic replies and updates or a link to more detailed information, such as your site or newsletter.

Improve Prospecting

As a mortgage broker, you are usually taught that you just have to concentrate on prospecting if you would like to be successful in your business. When using a mortgage CRM, you can decrease the time invested in prospecting immensely, and you can utilize it for working on your other prospects.

Did you know that by preparing a list of prospects according to specific demographics, the entire activity becomes effective and easier? With effective prospecting, your chances of quality lead generation increase. You can also get additional information and even suggestions by leveraging the business analytic features in most mortgage software systems.

7 Best Mortgage Software

1. Encompass

You may have heard of Encompass. It is an excellent loan origination and servicing platform that thousands of mortgage brokers and lenders trust. The software comes with intuitive built-in compliance and document management tools that will help you securely and safely manage documents and signatures while minimizing your audit risk. 

The best thing about this software is that you can easily customize the system to best suit all your business needs. Customization enables you to sync quickly with other software that you might be using and upload crucial documentation. Note that the software is not just excellent for automating various loan origination processes but also quality management tools.

Like most manual processes in the real estate industry, loan origination processes also involve plenty of paperwork, which usually leads to mistakes and errors. However, the Encompass TQL (Total Quality Loan) program ensures that all loans comply with the law and free from errors. You will also receive timely support from the company’s in-house IT team. They will walk you through the platform, assisting you with any queries or problems that you may have along the way.

2. Cimmaron

Cimmaron is another excellent mortgage software solution as it provides all the fundamental functionality that any loan originator would like from a contemporary mortgage CRM. Cimmaron is a mortgage CRM software designed for small, mid-size, and large mortgage firms. It helps you capture more leads, increase your number of referrals, and even close more loans.

The best thing about this mortgage CRM is that it also assists with automated marketing, two-way texting, lead and contact management, video email marketing, LOS integration, and user chat. You will not only benefit from customizable contact management, but the fantastic marketing automation capabilities will make it simple for you to stay top-of-mind with the client database.

Most brokers like how Cimmaron focuses on client satisfaction throughout the entire process. This is also one of the few mortgage CRMs with an intuitive mobile application specifically for borrowers, an ideal client, and partner-facing mobile application to conveniently run loan calculations, communicate directly with the lending team, and receive loan status updates.

You can use Podium Teamchat to increase collaboration between your team members.

3. Calyx PointCentral

Did you know that Calyx Software is one of the top mortgage solutions for brokers, banks, and even credit unions? The Calyx PointCentral is one of their popular LOS systems that provide a reliable and affordable mortgage solution for mortgage brokers that seamlessly and efficiently integrates and streamlines all phases of the loan process. 

The mortgage software allows for online document exchanges and loan application, and also keeps all records and documents in a single centralized location for all users. You will be pleased to know that mortgage brokers and other professionals who use this software have praised it for its user-friendliness as well as nifty time-saving features. Actually, in 2010, Calyx PointCentral was considered the most desirable loan origination solution for mortgage brokers.

 Also, note that Calyx is very secure, allowing users to access their databases remotely. Calyx also provides you with mobile access to its software so that you may use their platform even when you are away from the desk. Calyx is also valuable as it gives you access to more than 200 loan vendors. As a result, you will not need to spend a lot of time searching for them online.


RealINSIGHT is a mortgage software solution that simplifies and streamlines the management and tracking of commercial loans. You will like their comprehensive data model as it allows you to customize this amazing online platform with many additional modules and useful graphs that pinpoint and optimize every step in your process.

You can also use their interactive and simple system to search for specific data, locations, and documentation. RealINSIGHT also lets mortgage brokers and professionals oversee the entire underwriting process, giving you an overview of your loan summary and even risk rating.

5. Whiteboard

Whiteboard is another popular software system for mortgage brokers. It provides a comprehensive CRM for mortgage lenders and brokers and a mortgage CRM with SMS as an intuitive cloud-based solution, especially for small businesses.

The software helps loan originators and loan officers associate and interact with customers, correspond easily with partners, and organize excellent campaigns to manage content. You can also prioritize tasks while capturing referral sources.

Whiteboard is unique as it utilizes campaign “playbooks” for automating sales and marketing workflows. It delivers daily tasks to a single centralized dashboard.

Whiteboard also provides you with pre-written call scripts and simple templates and streamlines how you accumulate contact information, collaborate, and communicate with your clients and partners. The solution also provides you with automated loan status alerts and valuable lead conversion metrics.

6. Turnkey Lender

Did you know that Turnkey Lender is an award-winning and popular cloud-based loan origination software solution that evaluates borrowers, assesses credit risks, and even automates the loan process? The program provides you with advanced functions throughout the entire loan process.

This end-to-end software’s amazing functionality covers almost every facet of the loan process, right from loan origination and decision-making to effective servicing and reporting.

The best thing about it is that it employs proprietary scoring methods and credit decision rules that significantly reduce your work. 

7. Podium

More than 55,000 businesses trust Podium to improve and streamline the customer experience while understanding what really makes your business successful. Note that the Podium platform is geared toward convenience for customers.

It also gives you the tools and resources you need to be there for all your customers. You can improve your overall customer experience with sentiment analysis, reviews, messaging tools, Webchat, and much more. You can get started on Podium for free.

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