Being a property manager comes with a lot of responsibilities. Not only do you need to keep track of available units and rentals, but there’s a lot of paperwork involved in your job. Rental agreements and leases are just the tips of the iceberg of paperwork likely in your office. Staying organized has become the only way to stay on top of everything. 

But what if there were some other options to help your property management business? What if there were websites you could use to help keep track of everything you need to deal with, which not only makes your job easier but helps you see the bottom line in half the time? The time demand of being a property manager can be intense, don’t bite off more than you can chew! 

Luckily there are plenty of property management company websites to help you accomplish every task you may encounter. These websites are easy to use and can be the virtual assistant you didn’t even know you needed. Here are the top nine property manager websites every property manager should be using. 

1. Rentec Direct, one of the best property management websites

Rentec Direct homepage

For an all-around website that can help you do your job, including the option to create your custom website, Rentect Direct is popular for a reason. Whether you rent to just one or two individuals or you are a full-fledged, full-time property manager, this website and its software have all the tools you need to succeed. 

Imagine one software that can list your rental property, screen tenant candidates for you, help you manage all of the accounting you will need to keep track of all in one place? Plus, it’s an online-based system so you can access your records from any internet access. 

Rentec Direct is popular and easy to use, but if you run into any trouble they have a complete system support team ready to help answer your questions. With a server that is frequently backed up and guaranteed to be secure, your property is in good hands when you use Rentec Direct. 

2. Yardi

Yardi home page

If you are looking for another property management software, perhaps you’re looking for Yardi? If your business is growing fast, Yardi can help you handle and accelerate your growth. With software for property managers of every size and variety (including multifamily, affordable housing, office industrial, parks, and recreational facilities), Yardi’s software is up to the task. 

Yardi’s software isn’t difficult to learn and can help you achieve the balance you’re needing to keep rental properties organized. Yardi can even help you manage the energy efficiency of your properties which can be a great help as your business grows and you look to become more sustainable. 


NARPM website

It would be foolish to overlook the National Association of Residential Property Managers and how much information their website provides. Whether or not you intend to join their professional association as a member or you simply use them as an informational resource, they have compiled major resources and educational courses that could be exactly what you need.

With a jam-packed conference schedule both at the local and national level, NARPM gives you the chance to reenergize your career while meeting with other property managers like you and hearing about any new best practices all at the same time. NARPM will keep you up to date on any legislative changes you need to know for you and your rental property. 

There are many benefits to becoming a member of NARPM, including being listed on their property management website, which could help tenants choose you over another property that isn’t run by a member. NARPM also has certification programs that can help you achieve excellence in the field of property management. Earn your distinction and join today. 

4. Avail 

Avail website

There are many websites and apps designed for property managers to find new tenants and screen them. What Avail does differently helps you keep your tenants happy. The handiest feature is its online maintenance ticket system, so you can stop listening to rambling voicemails about any problems your tenants may encounter. 

With Avail, your tenants can start a maintenance ticket, including the ability to upload pictures of the problem. Then you can discuss the issue, schedule a repair time, and keep track of the ticket until it is completed. Having the potential to accept tickets 24 hours a day is convenient for everyone: if tenants see a problem, they can report it immediately. 

Avail makes it easy to record all the rental property repairs made over time and allows you the chance to see a pattern of damages reported. Having records of damages makes it especially easy to compare units at the moveout inspection as well. These reports can be brought out during your walkthroughs as needed. Avail’s system is easy to use and handy for property management. 

5. Podium

Podium platform tagline

From prospective tenants to those currently living in one of your properties, it’s likely that they may need a quick way to get in contact with you. Why not utilize a great text messaging system so you can keep your personal number to yourself? If you’re looking for a great way to keep in contact with your tenants then Podium is the solution you need for your property management communication. 

With professional messaging being just one of their endless business resources to help keep everything at your properties running smoothly, Podium is the communication solution you’ve been looking for. They can even help your tenants leave feedback and reviews of your properties. 

Podium can even help send their invoices via text message if you desire. Get started with Podium for free, including their handy website widget to put right on your homepage. This affordable business tool is sure to help any property manager succeed on the communication front. 

6. Cozy  

Cozy marketing bullet points

If you are fairly new to the property management world and you’re not sure what you need yet, Cozy is a great option for your software needs. The most obvious feature perfect for newbies is that Cozy is free to use. Not investing money in software as you get started on your journey can be a big help as you learn the ropes and what features you use. 

Cozy can help you find new tenants and receive payments from them as well. Cozy also features educational insights to help you learn more about property management always to keep improving and growing. Cozy may not be the long-term software solution, but it’s a great introductory system for your property management services. 

7. PayRange

PayRange bullet points

If any of your properties feature pay-per-use amenities, you will want to know all about PayRange. With a national coin shortage, it can be more difficult to keep track of the quarters your tenants will need to do their laundry. Plus, it’s probably a hassle to collect all the coins and deposit them regularly. 

PayRange can turn washing machines, vending machines, and other electronic equipment into mobile payment capable! Your tenants can pay via the loaded app on their phone and you can easily collect the funds and transfer it to your bank account. No cash? No worries! Just pay with your phone and you can go about your day. 

As a property manager, being able to make changes that will make your tenant’s life easier is just a perk to the benefits of having your equipment wired to accept mobile payments. Having your proceeds in electronic form can also help you run reports and keep track of how much your equipment is used. You can’t lose with PayRange. 

8. TaskEasy 

How TaskEasy works

If you are in charge of scheduling all the outdoor lawn care and maintenance at your properties as well as your other tasks, you may need a little help. Luckily, TaskEasy has made it simple for you to hire contractors to care for your properties on the timeline you prefer. Their service will match you with local contractors and lawn care specialists to have your green space look great.

Simply answer a few questions, check out the bids, and schedule at your convenience. No longer will you have to worry if a service falls short because TaskEasy will make sure your job is done right or get your money back. Check lawn care off your to-do list forever and start using TaskEasy for your rental properties, both residential and commercial.

9. Nationwide Eviction

Nationwide Eviction website

As a property manager, eviction is the last resort option. No one wants to be the bad guy in a situation but unfortunately, sometimes eviction becomes necessary. If that should happen, using Nationwide Eviction can help you be certain you have followed all the legal requirements and minimize your trips to court. 

Laws can vary between states and counties, plus they are always changing. Let Nationwide Eviction and their team of legal experts stay on time of the legal jargon for you. This online eviction service will link you electronically with an attorney saving you money and keeping your important records organized. 

Nationwide Eviction’s website gives automatic status updates and even has the capabilities of electronically reporting your tenants to collection agencies and credit bureaus. The eviction process is never fun but it doesn’t have to be difficult any longer when you utilize Nationwide Eviction online services. 

A final thought 

calendar pinned to building

While there are so many applications and websites for property managers, these nine are some of the best. Don’t waste your time searching for help when this list is a great jumping-off point to help you find the work-life balance to help your business grow and succeed. 

Property management can be a huge job, but when you use excellent software to keep everything running smoothly you can make your career even easier than ever. Streamlining your business is now made simple by these helpful tools.

Elizabeth Gallagher
Elizabeth Gallagher Real Estate, Legal & Financial Services Account Executive

Elizabeth Gallagher is a real estate and legal professional at Podium, the premier messaging platform that connects local businesses with their customers.

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