Reputation monitoring software helps you to see what your customers say about you online. It’s extremely important to monitor reviews, respond, and generate reviews for better customer retention and acquisition.


How Podium Offers Reputation Monitoring Software

Your customers already talk about you. Podium makes it easier to listen to what they say. Managing your online reputation can help you reach out to unsatisfied customers, make changes to improve your business, and ensure customers feel heard. The following Podium features are powerful tools for reputation management. 


Competitive Benchmarks

Have you ever wondered how your reviews compare to your competitors’ reviews? Podium allows you to compare competitive benchmarks to see how you stack up against the competition. You can review count, recency, and star rating to analyze the differences in your reviews, and make improvements to your business.

  • Consumers rely heavily on reviews. An estimated 86 percent of customers read local business reviews before deciding to do business with them. If your competitor has more reviews, more recent reviews, and/or a better star rating, customers might flock to them and overlook your business. Monitoring both your and your competitors’ reviews is the easiest way to see if you come out on top. If you don’t, you’ll be able to strategize ways to improve on this front.


Review Notifications

When customers post new reviews, Podium lets you know instantly. This gives you an opportunity to read and respond to new reviews before more potential customers see them. This comes in handy with positive an negative reviews as well as questions. Because nothing makes a bad situation worse than a customer feeling ignored.

  • You and your staff don’t have to manually check each review website to find out when customers post something new. Receive instant notifications to save time and respond quickly to every comment.


Automated Review Requests

Reviews are great, but what’s the point in monitoring them if you barely get any feedback? In addition to helping you monitor reviews, Podium can automate review requests so you can solicit more reviews.

  • Getting customers to leave reviews isn’t always easy. Podium lets you use existing templates or craft custom messages to request new reviews. You can even decide how many customers receive review requests for each review site. Podium’s automated review process can help you get more reviews without putting in much effort.


Get Podium Reviews  

Podium Reviews is a convenient, time-saving, and invaluable tool to help you build and monitor your reputation. 

Building an online reputation is easier with Podium Reviews, which allows you to send automated review requests using templates, customized messages, or templates you customize to include a personal, branded touch. 

When it’s time to monitor your reviews, Podium offers myriad useful features. Podium gives you a quick, convenient overview of your reviews across multiple websites. Sentiment analysis helps you spot common trends in your reviews. With Podium’s notification system, you’ll also know when a customer posts a new review of your business so that you can address their feedback promptly. Podium’s mobile app even makes it easy to monitor your reputation on-the-go. 


How TNT Storage is using Podium Reviews for Reputation Monitoring Software

TNT Storage implemented Podium to collect more reviews but soon discovered how useful it was as reputation monitoring software. Since TNT Storage struggled to get customers to share their experiences online, it needed a solution. With Podium Reviews, TNT Storage jumped from 475 reviews to over 2,500 reviews. Podium Reviews also made it easier for TNT Storage to monitor its online reputation. The business used Podium Reviews to respond quickly to new reviews, showing customers their voices mattered. 

Matt Boyce
Matt Boyce Head of SMB Marketing

Matt Boyce is a marketing and business professional at Podium, the premiere messaging platform that connects local businesses with their customers.

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