In this day and age, technology and social media have become a significant part of almost everyone’s daily life. The average social media user spends hours scrolling through various networks. 

Why not utilize this to the advantage of your business? 

Social media marketing can significantly expand your company’s brand awareness, increase traffic towards your landing page, and improve search engine optimization. It can satisfy your customers and enhance loyalty regarding your brand.

That’s why it is vital to keep your company active on multiple popular social media platforms. You can ensure you reach your target audience and create a sense of familiarity within your brand. 

In essence, you will be creating a sales funnel for your team to use on various social media networks to entice your targeted audience and generate traffic to your company, thus leading to a sale. 

These new marketing strategies can benefit your company in many ways, but the end goal will always be to make a sale and find a base of loyal customers who value your brand and the product/service you provide. 

Sales funnel basics: 

To create the ideal sales funnel, you need to consider a few things before getting started. Determine the audience you are targeting and how you plan on reaching them through your advertising. 

Understand how you are going to generate traffic to your company’s website and engage with your customers. You can do this by staying active on social media and promoting your company through posts on popular networks. 

There are many free templates online used for developing a sales funnel diagram ideal for your company. Once you have collected the information necessary, you can begin to piece together the sales funnel that will best benefit your business and the success you can build in the future. 

To create a sales funnel, begin with identifying who your prospective clients are. Analyze their needs and goals. Understand the variety of people you may come across and plan to show them why they can benefit from your product/service. 

Ensure these prospects are qualified to be your customers by understanding their needs and wishes regarding what your company can provide. You can conduct research with surveys or polls to find this information. 

Once you get your research results, you can figure out what product/service will best benefit your future customers. You can utilize new marketing tools to reach these prospects and entice them to look into your company’s product/service. 

Identify how you can reach your potential clients. Social media is a highly beneficial means of reaching your target audience and attracting them to your brand. It is an easy way to bring traffic towards your landing page and ensure future customers are coming into constant contact with your company. 

Create the sales funnel that will best benefit your company and the potential customers who will create success for you. Keep in mind what your future customers are looking for. Identify how you will deliver success to your company, now and in the future. 

Your goal is to increase sales by taking these steps to develop the sales funnel that will best benefit your company. You can create a strong base for your company to stand out and have a strategy to fall back on, altering it to fit your company and client’s needs. 


What is a sales funnel template?

A funnel template involves multiple steps that can lead your company to success. Each step is a tier or level that can lead your company to the top if you complete them all with mastery. This will result in a final sale, satisfied customers, and positive feedback regarding your company. 

Below are the categories typically included in a funnel template and the information you will need to fill each section out. 

  • Awareness – Generate awareness towards your brand by utilizing social media and its benefits to the advantage of your company. Ensure you can reach your targeted audience through these platforms and set up the beginning step to increase future sales.
  • Interest – Be sure you are meeting your potential client’s current interests and showing them a product/service they can utilize. 
  • Consideration – Showcase information regarding your company and the product/service the potential customer is looking into. Guide your customers to making the best choice in respect of their needs. 
  • Intent  – Understand your company’s focus and the selling point you are trying to reach. Make sure that you have the best intentions regarding your clientele and that you can show them that they are your top priority and their satisfaction is key. 
  • Evaluate – Develop an understanding of your focus, the customer, and the purchase they are getting closer to making. Be sure to address any customer concerns and do any upselling/down selling where deemed necessary. 
  • Purchase – Finalize the potential client’s purchase and ensure that you have met their needs as a company. Ensure that they are satisfied with their purchase and will remain in contact to provide you positive feedback and bring in new customers who might be interested in the future. 

This cycle can continue to increase sales and future customers to your company. Through this process, you can understand how to best reach potential customers, meet their needs, and bring awareness to your company, thus ensureing authenticity and familiarity regarding your brand, which will provide satisfied and loyal customers consistently. 


What are social media templates?

Social media templates can be used on various platforms to increase your company’s reach regarding the posts made to the account. These templates can also lead to increased traffic towards your website or landing page in return. In tern, this will help you turn prospects into future clients through the success of your online presence and the information you share about your product/service on various platforms. 

This can be the basis for creating your social media posts and ensuring you will engage with potential customers through the many details you provide in your posts and on your page. This will include goals regarding your social media reach, the results you have already received, and any changes that need to be made to continue to see an increase in sales. 


How do I create social media templates?

In order to develop useful social media templates one needs to understand your audience’s needs and what they are looking for in a company. You can then show that you have their best interest and your product/service can be the solution that they need. 

An informational template will be a summary of your company’s intended goals, strategies, and the success that evolves from your marketing tactics. There can be an introduction to what your company is all about and a summary of success you have seen. 

This can also communicate data regarding the increase in sales from your company or the results of your marketing strategies, an analysis of this information, and a conclusion with your takeaway from the statistics.

This may include future goals and new ways to strategize with your team to reach a greater audience and continue to meet ever-changing needs amongst your clients. This shows that your company can develop and shift according to these changes. 

Social media templates can also be a simple layout for you to follow and create a social media post that will successfully intrigue your targeted audience and show off your company online. This will result in an influx of customers with satisfaction guaranteed. 


How much do social media templates cost?

These social media templates can be pretty pricey in many cases, depending on their specific use and overall quality. While finding the proper social media template depends on your company’s needs and goals, we have created a list of free templates to kickstart your business and your social media marketing techniques. 


21 social media templates free for use. 

Social Media Template #1

You can find these free templates for download here. These can be useful in planning out your company’s goals when tackling social media and making the best of using the different platforms to bring awareness to your company. 


Social Media Template #2

Available to download through this link onto your computer through Microsoft Excel, you can utilize this template to plan out your social media posts and gather your thoughts prior. This can keep you on schedule, which is important because, with social media posts, consistency is key to keep eyes on your company. 


Social Media Template #3

This website offers an entire downloadable bundle with a social media marketing calendar that can keep you and your team on task and consistent with social media posts. This is a great tools for organization and discovering new marketing strategies for your team. 


Social Media Template #4

Using Sprout Social, you can download this calendar to assist your team in how you approach social media, figuring out what is important for you to include online and the beginning process of planning your posts. This is a 30-day calendar that can lead your business to success. 


Social Media Template #5

Facebook: Company Milestones Facebook Post | Piktochart

Piktochart offers a plethora of options regarding making social media posts and the different platforms you may be a part of. It allows you to personalize your posts and tailor them to best fit your company while remaining visually appealing. 


Social Media Template #6

Instagram: Sale Instagram Post | Piktochart

Using this template you can show a sale your company may be having and provide a source of advertisement for current and future customers to come across on social media. This will get the word out about your company and any sales you may have going on, providing potential customers with the resources to find your webpage and browse accordingly.  


Social Media Template #7

Twitter: Webinar Invite Twitter Post | Piktochart 

This Twitter post can show off your company, bringing awareness to the types of things your company is doing and what is happening on your landing page. A post like this can bring people to your webpage and allow them to become a part of something more than just seeing your posts on social media. This brings communication and customer engagement into play, which are important when developing a presence on social media. 


Social Media Template #8

Facebook: Social Media Templates | PicMonkey

On PicMonkey you can find multiple templates to elevate your company’s social media posts. This will bring in an audience who is interested in what your company is all about by finding more and more information through your social posts. 


Social Media Template #9

Instagram Story: Free Social Distancing Bingo Template – Customize with PicMonkey

Utilizing tools to create an interesting and intriguing Instagram story will make it easier to connect with your followers by showing a more relatable side of your company. Posting an interactive story like this brings attention to your brand while also creating a fun activity for your follows to do. This can add to your customer engagement and bring awareness to your brand simultaneously. 


Social Media Template #10

Facebook: Tech Startup Facebook Post Template [Free PDF] – PSD

Using this helpful website, you can create, personalize and download eye-catching posts to advertise and bring attention to your company and the social media networks you are utilizing. 


Social Media Template #11

Instagram: Travel Offer Instagram Post Template – PSD

This type of template can assist your business in advertising a deal or sale revolving around what your company provides. This has a built in link to your webpage and can bring in traffic by showcasing a new deal going on and the services of your company. This will intrigue customers to check out your webpage and possibly look into the deal you are advertising. 


Social Media Template #12

Facebook: Blue and White Real Estate Video Facebook Post – Canva

On Canva you can select a template from a wide variety of themes, choosing what best fits your company and your needs. These can be great for posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.


Social Media Template #13

Instagram: Orange International Children’s Book Day Commercial Instagram Post – Canva 

With bright colors and bold lettering, you can show your audience what events are going on within your company. This one shows a book giveaway but it can be anything that your company is doing that can be a rewarding experience for potential customers to be a part of. 

This can be a giveaway, a sale, or an event that is happening but regardless it will get the attention of future customers and give them the means to check out what your company is all about. 


Social Media Template #14

Twitter: Blue Simple Circles Accessories Twitter Post – Canva 

This Twitter post template enables you to bring awareness to your company and the types of products you offer on your website. This will entice customers to check out your landing page and generate more traffic towards your business. 


Social Media Template #15

Pinterest: Violet with Cupcakes Photo Birthday Pinterest Graphic – Canva

Pinterest can be a useful resource when dealing with more DIY or at home types of products your company may offer. By providing advertising and posts to your Pinterest you can build interest within a new audience, finding potential customers through your posts and information regarding your company. 


Social Media Template #16

YouTube:Pink and Blue Nostalgia Artists and Illustrators YouTube Channel Art – Canva

In many cases, a YouTube channel can be beneficial to ensure that you build interest towards your brand and showcase what you do as a company. Many art, make-up or fashion companies can benefit from delving into the world of YouTube and will find they can build their audience by utilizing this platform. 

This gives a form of creative freedom and allows you to engage with an audience and elaborate on what your business is all about while remaining authentic in what you do. 


Social Media Template #17

Twitter: Light Colors Cooking Website Twitter Header – Canva

Utilizing a Twitter header like this, you can ensure that anyone who clicks on your page is greeted with the title of your company and a blurb about what you do. This provides potential customers with the means to know who you are and what products/services you offer in the beginning, allowing them to be interested in checking out more of what you do and creating a better sense of engagement amongst your future clients. 


Social Media Template #18

Instagram: Cosmetics Ad Skincare Products Bottle Instagram Post 1080x1080px template — Design Online — Crello

Including many unique styles and designs, Crello has a variety of options to find the perfect post for your company’s social media accounts at no cost to you. This can be helpful for posting to all networks but unique because it offers templates for Snapchat and can assist in creating filters for your audience to use. 


Social Media Template #19


Create a Snapchat Geofilter: Stylish Woman with Vintage Travel Trailer Snapchat Geofilter 1080x2340px template — Design Online — Crello

By involving your company in creating a filter for Snapchat, you are enabling customers to post freely about your company and provide a form of advertisement in their own social posts regarding your company. 

This can bring awareness to your brand and influence an audience that you didn’t even know you could have. Snapchat is a very popular app, especially amongst a younger demographic, so if you think your target audience utilizes this app then creating a Snapchat filter for your company may be a key component in building success. 


Social Media Template #20

Instagram: Free Vana Fashion Instagram Pack to Download – Socialtemplates 

This website offers a variety of template packs that all have a similar theme for your posts on social media. This will make your posts easily recognizable and eye-catching to potential customers scrolling through social media. 


Social Media Template #21

Pinterest: The Reviewer – Free Pinterest Templates Set – Socialtemplates 

Creating an eye-catching Pinterest page may be what allows your company to be seen by a new audience while creating more and more traffic to your landing page. This can be useful in creating an aesthetic for your account and showing off your products/services to future clients who might scroll past your page. In turn, this can boost your companies success rate and the number of loyal customers you gain. 


Social Media Influence and Advantages

Utilizing social media to your business’s advantage can be the stepping stone to finding new clients, receiving more interest in your company, and creating an increase in sales that will continue to benefit your company. You can create a platform to advertise and provide information regarding your brand, which will entice potential clients and gain loyal customers in the future. 

If you need help kick-starting your business and finding the right tools to increase your company’s success, then partnering with Podium may be the best option for your team. Podium has online resources available to provide your company with new marketing techniques and strategies that enable your business to continue to flourish over time. 

These tools can be vital to building a foundation for your business to stand on, to create and develop new marketing tactics that benefit your team and ultimately provide a future of success for your entire company.

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