Great team communication is key to running a successful office, business, and customer journey. Keeping communication channels open helps your staff collaborate. It also provides team members with the information they need to do their best work.

With a world shifting towards remote work, businesses could use a little assistance when it comes to staying connected


How Podium Supports Team Communication 

Do you support optimal teamwork in your business? For teams to function in the workplace, they need open lines of communication. When your team members work in different locations or don’t share the same schedule, communicating with each other isn’t as easy as stopping by the watercooler for a quick chat. Podium can serve as a convenient hub for open team communication that all your team members can use regardless of their whereabouts or schedules. It’s a virtual connector to better remote collaboration.

Message Team Members

To stay on the same page as one another, your staff members need the latest information. Podium allows you to send direct messages or group messages to keep everyone in the loop.  

Managing messages across email, phone, and text may be time-consuming and confusing for your employees. With Podium’s messaging platform, you can consolidate your team-related communication onto one convenient place. It’s adaptable from device to device so your employees can use this software the way that best suits them.

Connect Across Locations

Regardless of where an employee is stationed, you can connect with them instantly through Podium. That’s the beauty of streamlined communication and advanced technology.

Distance shouldn’t impede team communication. If an employee is out in the field or on the sales floor, you can use this messaging platform to reach out with updates, questions, and other information. Even if your paths rarely cross in the real world, Podium can help you maintain regular contact with all your employees virtually.

Assign Conversations 

Podium collects reviews, questions, leads, and more in one convenient platform. That allows you to assign these customer conversations to specific employees via the platform. Consider it your hub for all important business communications.

Juggling customer conversations can be difficult. This is especially true when different team members need to respond to specific requests. Assigning conversations in Podium helps prevent conversations from falling through the cracks when handed off between employees. Nothing is worse for business than losing track of a customer complaint or question or new lead.

Benefit from Context

Have you ever tried jumping into a conversation you walked in on somewhere in the middle of it? It’s not always easy to hit the nail on the head with a response. Prevent employees from becoming confused or missing important information with the messaging platform. With it, when your employees transfer a conversation or a lead on Podium, team members will have access to the previous conversation to give them valuable context. This also makes a positive impression on customer experience since you can anticipate their needs and avoid backtracking or making them repeat information.

Having context allows team members to jump into customer communications seamlessly where other team members left off. Potential customers may get frustrated having to reiterate what they told other staff members. Since your employees will have easy access to previous conversations, both the employee and the customer can save time by avoiding rehashing the information. You’ve probably been in the customer’s shoes in this situation. Think about how nice it is when a company employs modern practices to avoid these annoyances.


Get Podium Teamchat 

Podium Teamchat offers a convenient way for your team members to connect, collaborate, engage, exchange information, and transfer customer conversations.

This platform consolidates all of your internal communications into one inbox, making it easier to communicate and share information. Whether employees use direct message or group messages, Podium Teamchat provides valuable options to help your team interact. Since you can use Podium wherever you are, Podium Teamchat also offers a seamless way to connect employees who are separated by location and/or scheduling. 

Transferring customer conversations through Podium Teamchat is easy, so employees can share responsibility and direct conversations to the best person for the job. Podium allows you to assign conversations to specific employees, which can help you ensure every customer receives a response. Plus, each conversation comes with context, giving employees easy access to previous interactions with the customer. 


How Utah Valley Dermatology Uses Podium Teamchat for Team Communication 

Utah Valley Dermatology wanted to offer customers an easier way to schedule appointments. But with Podium, Utah Valley Dermatology found a versatile tool that proved incredibly useful for both external and internal communications.

Podium allows customers to reach out to schedule appointments via text message. With Podium’s team communication tools, staff members can see who has viewed customer conversations, assigned customer conversations to specific staff, and looked at what to do next. Podium also makes it easy for staff to pick up in the middle of a conversation without missing a beat.

Matt Boyce
Matt Boyce Head of SMB Marketing

Matt Boyce is a marketing and business professional at Podium, the premiere messaging platform that connects local businesses with their customers.

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