When selecting a new doctor in their area, where do most people begin their search? They check out online reviews. In fact, patients rely so heavily on online reviews, that 60% of patients say they select a doctor based on the positive testimonials of others. 

One of the easiest ways to take advantage of this compelling trend is to update your listings on the sites people are searching to discover new medical providers. While most start with the reviews they read on a simple Google search, many patients seek advice from more specialized health industry reviews websites like Wellness.com. Here’s how you can boost your visibility on this important healthcare provider and wellness practitioner directory. 


What is Wellness.com? 

Wellness.com is an online medical directory, listing out Chiropractors, Pediatricians, Dermatologists, and other health specialists. The site automatically compiles basic information on actively licensed physicians from publicly available records. While default listings include the basics like location and contact information, doctors like you can update their profiles to include a more detailed biography. Physicians and practitioners can include accepted insurance types, education level achieved, and other useful information—like whether they are currently accepting new patients. 

Perhaps the most important aspect of a Wellness.com listing is the patient reviews section. 

Each listing has a consumer feedback section that encourages patients to leave a review of their experience. These honest reviews are an important trust builder, advising other patients to visit your practice, or choose another provider for their healthcare needs.


The importance of Wellness.com reviews

Since 72% of patients are using online reviews to find a new doctor, it’s critical that your Wellness.com listing is comprehensive, accurate, and packed with accurate testimonials. A finely tuned Wellness.com review helps you stand out from the competition and show new patients that you are a trustworthy provider. 


How to get Wellness.com reviews

Here’s how you can start racking up reviews on your Wellness.com profile and grow your patient base. 

First, find out if you’re already listed. 

Since Wellness.com pulls information on your practice from public record, it’s likely that you’re already listed. Simply search your name on the “Find & Claim you Business” page to find it. 

If for some reason you’re not listed, you’ll have to create your profile. The registration form asks for your name, contact information, primary specialty, and services provided. You’re also able to add more detailed information like hours of operation, payment options, and names of fellow staff members. Additionally, you can include information on promotional offers like coupons and more. 

Two main goals of your profile are to demonstrate your credibility and welcome potential patients. One of the best ways to connect with new patients is by adding a profile photo. People appreciate knowing what to expect and high-resolution images of you and your staff encourages them to book an appointment. 


Become verified. 

This important step is how Wellness.com verifies your identity and prevents other providers from posing as your practice. To verify your listing, you’ll need to add a simple widget to your website. Don’t worry, Wellness.com provides instructions for you or your webmaster to make this critical update. This widget will display your Wellness.com ranking on your website and is an easy way to encourage patients to leave a review of their experience. 


Get even more referrals by upgrading to a paid package.

While creating your profile is free, Wellness.com also offers a few paid options to help you stand out from the competition. “Featured Profiles” have promotional benefits like priority placement in search results and the ability to remove ads from their listing. 

When you upgrade to a “Featured Profile,” the Wellness.com also takes extra steps to better optimize your listing for search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This helps increase your visibility when people search the internet for doctors like you.

Wellness.com claims Featured Profiles get 5-10 times more referrals than basic listings, so it’s helpful to consider these options if it is in your marketing budget. 


Ask patients to leave a review on your profile. 

Start asking satisfied patients to share their experience on your profile. Provide them with the link to your listing and ask them to click “Add a Review.” Platforms like Podium Reviews can help streamline the process by sending review invitations for you. This semi-automated process can quickly grow your presence on review sites that matter. 

But just as 60% of patients say they select doctors based on positive reviews, almost 61% say they have avoided doctors with a negative review. One bad review can have an adverse impact on your business. But with all the sites patients are searching, how do you monitor them all? Podium Reviews is a powerful platform that lets you monitor, track, and analyze all of your online reviews in one single place. You’ll receive instant alerts when you receive a new review, so you can address any concerns or complaints before they have a negative impact on your reputation. 


Frequently asked questions about Wellness.com reviews

  • What are some ideas to make my profile stand out? Make sure your content is unique. Avoid the temptation to simply copy and paste biography information from your website. By writing a fresh, uniquely worded bio, you’re more likely to stand out in search results.
  • Am I able to remove my information from Wellness.com? Since Wellness.com pulls its information on actively licensed physicians from the public record, you’re unable to have it deleted. Patients who find generic, sparse or inaccurate profiles are unlikely to book an appointment. This is one of the main reasons why it is so important to find and claim your listing so you can give it the much-needed facelift that drives new business. 
  • How can I have a negative rating removed from my profile? If the information contained in a review is false, you can dispute the review by clicking the “Report this Review” button. The Wellness.com team will contact the original poster and remove any reviews deemed less than truthful. You also have the opportunity to respond to any review posted to your profile. 


Developing a healthy ecosystem of reviews is one of the most powerful ways to increase your patient base. A strong presence on medical review sites like Wellness.com and Vitals.com are the best way to build patient trust and drive new business into your practice.

Bryan Oram
Bryan Oram AVP of Healthcare Enterprise Sales

Bryan Oram is a Healthcare professional at Podium, the leading messaging platform that connects healthcare businesses with their patients.

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