In a world of on-demand everything, local business leaders have been pushed to adapt and stay relevant in a space where convenience and ease are no longer a luxury, but rather the norm. So as a local business, how can you compete with the convenience of big box stores and massive online retailers?


We don’t have to convince you of the importance of reviews for your business. You already know how crucial they are. But gathering reviews on your own can be time consuming and ineffective, which is why it’s crucial that you find and choose the most convenient, cost-effective software solution for your business.

Not all review software is created equal. Especially when it comes to usability and conversion rates, two of the most integral elements of a review tool. Without the right tools, gathering reviews can be incredibly time consuming. So needless to say, finding a high-quality reputation management software is essential, and here’s why Podium’s Review tool comes out on top every time:

Podium is easier to use.

Podium’s product design is premium, thoughtful, and easy to use. Unlike Podium, other cloud-based software companies are difficult to integrate, take too much time to learn, and they don’t fully understand what your customers want. 

One particularly effortless tool that Podium offers is its text review invitation—it allows businesses to send messages from their Podium Inbox directly to customers’ phones via text. From your Podium Inbox, you can also request reviews via Webchat and other messaging platforms. This allows you to meet your customers on the channels they prefer to use most, all from one place.

As Jared Hardy, the Manager at Southwest Auto Recycling Inc. explains, “When it comes to ease of communication, collecting payments, and requesting reviews from your satisfied customers, look no further than Podium. In the year that we have used their services we have significantly increased our positive Google and Facebook reviews, eliminated chargebacks on fraudulent credit card purchases, saved money on credit card processing fees, and streamlined our communications process with our customers. Choose Podium, you’ll be glad you did, so will your customers.”

Podium works closely with Facebook and Google.

Podium is the trusted market leader serving 60K businesses and has a close working relationship with Google and Facebook. Through the success of the businesses we’ve worked with, we’ve established ourselves as a leader in the industry, and while we rely heavily on Google and Facebook, Facebook and Google also rely on Podium. They view Podium as a thought leader, they come to Podium for advice, and they’ve even invested in Podium along the way. With the backing of a company like Google, you can trust that Podium is always ahead of the curve, helping to springboard you and your business into the modern world.

Podium can be tailored specifically to the size of your business.

Podium has a track record of partnering with enterprise businesses and is built to support your needs. From small local businesses, to businesses with multiple locations, Podium works with business owners to establish how they can help them reach their goals and solve the unique challenges that they face. 

According to Kim Kimbrough at AFC in Memphis, “Every business from small to large, and including non-profits, can benefit from using Podium. If you are in a business in any way that provides a product or service to the public, you should be using Podium to get social media reviews. It’s a business-builder; but it also is an identifier of the weak link in the chain, helping you to correct and improve customer service almost instantly.”

Podium’s team is committed to your success.

Podium has a large, in-house customer success team, dedicated to helping our customers succeed.

In Jay’s experience, from Summit Urgent Care Center, “They were extremely helpful in setting up meetings and answering any questions that we had. They helped in getting secure messaging and video chat added. The implementation process helped jump start getting things going and getting them these incredible results.” 

Podium believes in championing local business. That’s why we’ve built an unmatched customer success team whose priority is to help you succeed.

Podium brings every conversation into one inbox.

Podium improves interactions across the entire customer experience on just one platform. In the same place where you can text customers, set appointments, and receive payments, you can also request reviews—it’s as easy as sending a text. Podium’s Inbox tool allows you to conduct all of your messaging-centric business all in one place.  

Not only are Podium’s products convenient—they actually work. After just five months of using Podium, Radnet West saw a 34% increase in reviews that were requested by Webchat, and received 75k Google reviews.

The right reputation management software should do more than just enhance your reviews.

As a local business leader, it can help you stand out, build trust with new customers, and help your business flourish. And with Podium Reviews, you can do it effortlessly.

You can get started with Podium for free.

Matt Boyce
Matt Boyce Head of SMB Marketing

Matt Boyce is a marketing and business professional at Podium, the premiere messaging platform that connects local businesses with their customers.

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