Every business will want to offer discounts at some point. But you need to know how to write a discount offer to get the best possible results. Learn everything there is to know about writing these offers, from the text itself to how to send them and when to do so.

We have also included examples that you can use for inspiration to write discount offers. 

How to send a discount offer message

You have multiple choices regarding how you send your discount offer message, but SMS messages are the best choice. This lets you take advantage of text messages’ 98% open rate. You also get to take advantage of the fact that customers prefer to be contacted over text.

text message open rate

While sending the discounts over text is the most effective option, it is not the only one. Emails are also a great choice. They also have the advantage of being longer. This means that how to write a discount offer email can include more details on the offer and extra elements, like multiple images.

Of course, you can also send a discount offer message via any communication method with the customer. That includes snail mail and instant messaging applications. You may also want to offer discounts on your website when someone indicates exit intent. That being said, it’s best to always use those as a supplement for SMS marketing, not a replacement. 

Why should I send a discount offer message?

There are plenty of reasons to send a discount offer message.

Attract new customers

Sending discount offers to leads that haven’t converted yet is an excellent way to attract new potential customers.

Encourage repeat customers

Discounts will encourage your previous customers to buy from you again. They are one key strategy of marketing for retention.

Boost customer loyalty

When customers receive offers, they are more likely to become loyal to your brand thanks to the value you offer. The more you encourage them to buy from you again, the higher their chances of becoming loyal customers.

If you send exclusive discount offer messages, this is even more effective at generating customer loyalty, as you make your customers feel special.

Get a strong reputation

As mentioned, people will buy from you because of your value. This, in turn, helps create a reputation of offering products at competitive prices. That improved reputation will also help attract new customers.

Improve sales

Sending discounted price offers is also an excellent way to boost your sales. After all, discounts encourage people to buy items. Even better, many people will buy at least one full-price item along with the discounted item.

Get a competitive edge

Not only will you boost your sales by sending discount offer messages, but you will also get ahead of your competitors. If your discount brings in a new customer who was considering a competitor, you have the chance to make them loyal and permanently steal that customer.

Clear inventory space

Discount email offers are also a handy way to clear out your excess inventory. You can use these messages to sell overstock, sell items that aren’t moving, or make room for new items. 

When to send a discount offer message

There is no single answer to when to send a discount message, as there are multiple good situations to do so. The following are just some of the options:

  • When someone signs up to your text or email list
  • After browse or cart abandonment
  • As a thank you for a purchase
  • As an early bird discount before major sales
  • As a reward for loyalty members
  • As a re-engagement offer for existing customers 
  • For customers’ birthdays
  • When you have a significant sales promotion 

How to write a discount offer

The following tips outline how to write a discount offer message:

Choose the right price

You need to find the right price point as you craft your offer. You want the price to be low enough to attract customers without cutting into your profit margin. Explore our pricing strategy tips for more details on pricing. At the same time, consider your customer acquisition cost.

Create a discount code

Make a discount code to go with your offer. This will make it easy for customers to take advantage of it, and it will help you track data related to your discount and sales promotions. 

Segment the audience

Don’t send all of the discount offers to every customer. They will start to feel overwhelmed and may unsubscribe. Instead, segment your audience so you can send them relevant offers. This will prevent you from over-sending messages. It will also increase the chances of customers using the offers you give them. On top of that, it makes customers feel as if you put in the effort to personalize your deals for them, which should boost loyalty.

Highlight what makes you different

As with all of your other advertising, your discount offer should highlight what sets you apart from the competitors.

Include when the sale ends

Be sure to include dates for the discount offer. This prevents confusion among customers. It also helps create a sense of urgency.

Drive urgency with holidays

When a holiday is approaching, use that to create a sense of urgency. For example, you can mention how your product is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day or Christmas.

Use other cues to create a sense of urgency

You can also incorporate other elements to drive a sense of urgency that encourages customers to take advantage of your discount. For example, mention limited stock or use phrasing such as “limited time” or “don’t miss out.” This is especially important for flash sales. 

You can also use other marketing strategies. For example, once you learn what attraction marketing is, you can also use that.

Include a call to action

Include a call to action at the end of the message to encourage customers to do something. For example, you could say, “Get 30% off now!”

Be clear and concise

While you want to include all the relevant details, keep the message clear and concise. This is crucial for all advertising, but it is imperative with texts. That is particularly true given their 160-character limit.

Create exclusive offers – and let customers know

Consider making exclusive discount offers for VIP or loyalty club members and let them know these deals are just for them. Knowing that it is a special discount will make them feel special and drive sales as well as customer loyalty. 

Personalize the offer

Do what you can to personalize the offer, as this builds your relationship with the customers and gives the impression that you care about them to a greater extent than a generic message would. 

Vary the types of offers

Remember that you don’t have to only offer a discount promotion. Explore sale types that give you unique ways of offering discounts as well, including: 

  • Giving a certain percent off
  • Giving a dollar amount off
  • Offering a free gift
  • Giving free shipping

Four examples of a discount offer message

The following examples should give you an even better idea of how to write your discount offer message. 

Example #1

text discount offer example

“Get 20% off your first purchase with [company name]. Shop now to start saving!”

This is an excellent example of a discount message for first-time customers. You could send it to people who just subscribed to your text or email list. It also ends with a clear call to action. 

Example #2

text discount offer sample

“Happy birthday, [name]! Thanks for being a loyal customer. To celebrate your special day, use this discount code to get 30% off your purchase, valid until midnight today.”

This is an example of a discount offer you may send on customers’ birthdays. It has an element of personalization, thanks to the use of the customer’s name. It also features a discount code and clearly outlines the validity of the discount.

Example #3

discount offer example

“You left something in your cart. Buy your [product] and use [discount code] to get it for 10% off!”

You can use this type of message in response to cart abandonment. It mentions the abandoned product and includes a discount code as well as a call to action. 

Example #4

discount offer sample

“As a member of our loyalty program, you get exclusive access to a free gift with your next order. Enter code [discount code] at checkout.”

This is an example of a marketing strategy that promotes special discounts for exclusive customers to make them feel special and boost customer loyalty. 

Conclusion: Getting started

Writing your discount offer message doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Once you write it, you can get started for free and send the offer while also taking advantage of other valuable tools for your business. 

Isaiah Rendorio
Isaiah Rendorio Product Marketing Manager, Campaigns

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