Austin’s Couch Potatoes tried a number of different solutions to encourage customers to review their business, including building email campaigns and hiring extra staff to call customers for reviews. What they liked most about Podium was how easy it was to connect with customers and ask them to leave a review through their preferred method of communication—text messaging.


The Solution


Our biggest win is using Messaging Platform to text customers,” Morgan said. “We invite them to review us via text, and then we can message back and forth with our customers which is exactly what they want. They want to be notified in a way that is non-intrusive and easy, but still get exactly what they want.” Not only do they ask customers for reviews, but they are able to answer questions that would otherwise require lengthy phone conversations.


The Result


“Sometimes people want to know when their stuff is coming in or they want to let us know if something that they ordered arrived damaged,” Morgan said. “The Messaging Platform feature in Podium gives us the opportunity to immediately respond via text, rather than having them get on the phone, go through a phone tree, or go on our website to fill out a warranty claim.”


In just a short period of time, Austin’s Couch Potatoes has gathered more than 600 new reviews on important sites like Google and Facebook, which has placed them head and shoulders above local competition. “We are dominating local search and local reviews because of what Podium has done for us,” Morgan said. “We love Podium, and to be honest I can’t stop talking about it.”