The Challenge


Melbourne-based Australian Diamond Company knew how to make brilliant, customizable jewellery that stunned customers. However, it didn’t know how to translate those rave reviews into a flawless online reputation to attract more customers.


George Bakoulas, ADC General Manager, said, “I knew that I wanted to try and maximize the amount of customer feedback that we had online by way of reviews, but there was a gap with me trying to implement a process versus coming up with a solution that enabled me to maximize the chance of us receiving customer feedback.”


The Solution


The Australian Diamond Company turned to Podium for a complete Interaction Management platform. ADC immediately integrated Podium into their communication stack to message customers in real-time and seamlessly send review invitations through text. ADC now enjoys an impressive online presence. ADC went from getting just under one review per month to now receiving new reviews every other day, on average.


The Result


Bakoulas said, “We get a lot of people coming in and saying ‘I read [about] you online, and that’s what prompted us to come in and inquire about your products and services. As an added bonus, the new review system has become a powerful motivator for employees. Bakoulas says “I feel like it actually is a really good motivator to my sales staff because they get really pumped when they receive a review and the customer names them.”