The Challenge


Dunn Tire is a locally-owned, regional tire store with 29 locations in New York and Pennsylvania. The company focuses on tires, but also offers automotive services, making it popular among residents. However, in spite of Dunn Tire’s loyal customer base, the business wasn’t getting the same positive exposure or experience online.


“We didn’t have any way to try to push people to leave reviews. So in a lot of cases, the only ones on there were bad and we didn’t have many at all,” says Harry Schlyer, assistant call center manager.


Managing the reviews Dunn Tire received proved challenging and inefficient. “I would have to go through the individual Google sites for all 29 locations and respond,” says Schlyer.


Dunn Tire was at a crossroads. It needed to encourage more reviews and manage them with greater ease in order to attract more customers and grow.


The Solution


Dunn Tire contacted Podium and implemented the Interaction Platform™ at each of their locations. According to staff, the implementation went remarkably well.


“It seemed pretty seamless and a nice transition to all 29 stores,” says Craig Hills, marketing operations manager.


Garnering and managing reviews became easier than ever. “It’s all automatic,” says Hills. “So, everyone who visited our store one day receives the invite the next morning.”


The Result


Reviews started pouring in for Dunn Tire. With more satisfied customers leaving feedback online, Dunn Tire’s reputation and visibility improved drastically.


“The vast majority of reviews are positive. It’s been very beneficial to get a lot of nice, positive feedback about us out on the internet,” says Schlyer. Not only do the improved ratings better reflect Dunn Tire’s quality, but they also improve its visibility.


“In October when we rolled it out for all the stores, we had nine stores that were under four stars, so they wouldn’t come up in certain Google searches,” says Schlyer. “Now, we only have two that are under that, so it’s made some of our locations more visible in a broad search and just allowed more of the good experiences that we more often provide to be out there for the public to see.”


With broader online visibility and a digital reputation that grows stronger every day, Dunn Tire is off to the races.