Located in the beautiful Palm Springs area, world-renowned for its music festivals, golf courses, and desert scenery, Fantasy Springs has everything for a fun night out or weekend getaway. The property includes a 250-room luxury hotel, an 18-hole golf course, multiple dining options, a sparkling pool and outdoor entertainment area, an expansive casino floor, and the Special Events Center featuring artists such as Tim McGraw, Snoop Dogg, and Shakira on any given night. It offers more than even the most ambitious vacationers could hope to pack into their desert getaway.


The Challenge


At a resort of this caliber, delivering great guest experiences is absolutely critical.  Between the hundreds of daily phone calls, email inquiries, and messages posted to social media and online review platforms, the lines of communication needed to be streamlined. Fantasy Springs’ guests are shifting the way they communicate with the resort, preferring to engage via text, online, and social media.


“There were probably a lot of guests and potential guests that we missed an opportunity to do business with because we weren’t able to communicate with them the way they wanted to,” says Director of Advertising Mandi Witkower. “It was important that we reevaluate and upgrade our process.”


The Solution


In order to better manage the lines of communication, Podium helped aggregate all communication platforms while simultaneously allowing multiple employees easy access.


A two-fold strategy was proposed. First, Podium’s Webchat functionality would make it easier for guests to reach out directly and receive timely responses. Second, Podium’s Reviews tool leveraged positive guest experiences to reach more potential guests.


“Podium helped train representatives from every department so that the appropriate people could answer questions or field inquiries related to their department,” Witkower says. “The immediate benefits were quicker response times and improved transparency for all team members.”


The Result


Within the first six months of implementation, Podium’s customer-centric solutions were paying off for Fantasy Springs.


“Podium has alleviated some of those communication bottlenecks while helping create a better overall guest experience,” says Online Marketing Manager Nicole Lucas.


Webchat enabled the Fantasy Springs team to streamline the communication process and address inquiries quickly and effectively.


“Podium has been extremely helpful in terms of managing all of our channels across the board,” Lucas says. “Before I’d have to log in to Trip Advisor, Google, Facebook, and more. Now it’s all in one place and easy.”


Podium helped to bridge the gap between various touchpoints in the customer journey and allowed Fantasy Springs’ staff to communicate more efficiently. According to Mandi Witkower, “Podium has really helped keep our guests more satisfied because they get answers, are being heard, and feel as though they actually have a voice.”