Up until recently, Granger Medical Clinic was a smaller medical group with only four locations and 72 doctors. That all changed about three years ago, when the decision was made to expand. Now, the group manages 25 locations and about 172 doctors.


Along with that rapid growth have come challenges. One of those was building a consistent online reputation across all business listings. The group was struggling to collect reviews on a consistent basis, so when it came across Podium, they knew they needed to give it a try. They started small, implementing Podium at four locations, but saw almost immediate results.


“Over a six-week period, we saw our ratings at those four locations jump from an average of under 3 stars to a 4.5 rating,” said Sandra Jones, Director of Marketing at Granger Medical Clinic. “At the end of that pilot, we decided to bring on the remainder of our clinics.”


Improving patient engagement.


Around the same time, Granger Medical Clinic deployed Podium, they also started a new patient engagement program to ensure they were delivering the best possible care. Now whenever a negative review comes in, it is forwarded to a patient engagement specialist who is tasked with reaching out to those individuals who have had a bad experience. Additionally, someone at Granger responds to each positive review.


Capturing positive patient experiences.


Prior to implementing Podium, Granger Medical was faced with a problem that many businesses can relate to. The only patients motivated to leave a review were those who had a bad experience.


Jones knew that the vast majority of their patients were leaving the clinics happy. It just wasn’t reflected in their reviews on Google and Facebook. But since implementing Podium, that all changed. Now they are capturing the voice of all of their patients. They have collected more than 2,000 reviews and improved their Google rating by nearly 1.5 stars.


“Since implementing Podium our reviews and ratings have skyrocketed,” related Jones. “What I realized was that when you don’t ask for reviews, you probably aren’t going to get them. And when you do get them they’re from disgruntled patients. We’ve been really pleased with the results and how quickly Podium has helped us improve our online reputation.”


Benchmarking against the competition.


One of the features Granger is most intrigued by is the competitive benchmark. There are a lot of healthcare providers in the area battling for patient mindshare, and this feature makes it easy to see how they stack up.


“Being able to see how many reviews and what our Google rating is compared to other providers is very helpful,” related Jones. “I’m a very competitive person, so I want to make sure we are in the top spot.”