The Challenge

Sacramento-based Loyalty Pawn is a young company, recently branching off of Capital City Loan. The company leaders quickly realized that implementing a strong outreach program could help kickstart a loyal customer base.

Javier Becerra, manager of Loyalty Pawn, says “We regrouped and rebranded and we’re working on a new path for success for ourselves and all of our staff members.”  However, carving that new path to success called for outside assistance.

The Solution

Loyalty Pawn reached out to Podium to help build the foundation for a thriving business—with a focus on customer engagement and communication. Javier says “Communication with our clients was one of the most important things. I saw that we’d be able to reach our clients and have conversations.”

Recognizing the importance of strong communication, Loyalty Pawn implemented multiple Podium products, including Reviews and Webchat. Javier explains, “We’ve been using Podium as a driver to help reach our loyal customers and to communicate through text to drive future business.”

The Result

Through Webchat, Loyalty Pawn enjoys open communication with clients, which encourages even skeptical potential customers to come into the store.

According to Javier, “We’re seeing more newer clients that visit our website, and with Webchat, they can ask questions if they felt too skeptical to come into the shop. It’s making them more comfortable before they even walk in the door.”

“Podium’s Webchat provides more than just comfort to customers. ” He concluded, “It adds a layer of convenience.”