For specialists in a good night’s sleep, the managers of Makin’ Mattresses were losing a lot of it. Instead of counting sheep, they had been counting their positive and negative online reviews, and things didn’t add up.


“We had a really poor online perception of our business,” said Kate Simpson, Marketing Manager of Makin’ Mattresses. “ But in customer surveys, people would rave about us. They’d rave about our product, they’d rave about our service, and we were left scratching our heads.”


One of Kate’s friends, who was also in advertising and marketing, heard about the conundrum and recommended Podium.


“We really wanted to represent the positive feedback we were getting in person,” Kate said. “Podium was a great marriage to push that public raving online and firm that up. We completely flipped the perception of us online from pathetic to positive.”


“We completely flipped the perception of us online from pathetic to positive.”


Suddenly, Makin’ Mattresses was seeing stars, and not just at night.


“Google star ratings have gone up exponentially, but it’s also the number of reviews we have in our Google search,” Kate said. “If there’s a negative one, we don’t even worry about it anymore. We just think, ‘well, that just makes us look more authentic that we’re not screening reviews.’ The positive reviews far outweigh the negative.”


They’ve landed on the website. Now what?


Delighted with the results, Makin’ Mattresses decided to test out one of Podium’s other tools- Webchat.


Podium’s Webchat widget allows potential customers to contact a business through their website. The chat then gets rerouted to the potential customer’s phone as a text conversation.


“We’ve got to be sensitive to the way people want to communicate these days,” Kate said. “There are people who want to pick up a phone. There are people who want to send an email. There are people who want to chat. Having all of those lines of communication in place is just the best way to invite your customers in on their terms.”


Podium is proud to be part of Makin’ Mattresses’ customer experience. With their excellent customer feedback, all they needed was the power of texting to help them get the reviews of their dreams.