How an insurance agency in Chatham, New York – population 4,000 – become the state’s top-rated option.


When Matthew Wood took over his family’s insurance agency, he knew he was being tasked with upholding one of Chatham’s most beloved local businesses. To keep his customers happy, engaged, and loyal, he and the MetzWood team adopted Podium. Check out the video above to learn:

  • How MetzWood leverages Podium Webchat to gather leads and engage with them via text message
  • Why serve customers with lightning-fast response times plays a key role in the team’s success
  • How MetzWood uses Podium Reviews to maintain a stellar online reputation

"There's a pervasive feeling in America that small business can't win. But when you adopt the right technology, it can be a great equalizer."


Matthew Wood

President, MetzWood Insurance