Your website is some of your most valuable real estate.

No one knows this better than Tony Yraguen, the owner of RPM Alamo, a residential property management company in San Antonio. 

Tony described San Antonio as a “Mecca” for property management, and 11 months ago, many real estate companies were nipping at each other’s heels for a piece of the action. 

Instead of playing “bigger or better” with his competitors, Tony decided to do something different—connect with people online and treat his website as valuable real estate. 

Wanting to increase the value of his website, Tony decided to focus on making customer communication quicker and easier through a live chat feature.  

Unfortunately, the first two live chat companies he tried proved disastrous.  

“The first one was terrible,” Tony said. “We turned it off immediately because we couldn’t even really manage it. And the second one was clunky– It frustrated the heck out of me and I was on the phone with them every other day trying to figure something out.”

In one last effort to remodel the website’s chat feature, Tony looked into Podium. 

“After one presentation with Podium, it was over,” Tony said. “I knew exactly what was going on and that this is what we needed,”

RPM Alamo’s website had transformed into a virtual consultation room where customers could “stop by” and chat with the salespeople.

Seemingly overnight, RPM Alamo’s website had transformed into a virtual consultation room where customers could “stop by” and chat with the salespeople.

“Conversations that are coming in from Webchat are incredible,” Tony said. “It feels like we’re right in front of them and they’re just coming in to ask simple questions that we can answer.”

With Webchat, salespeople were able to chat with website visitors in an easy and non-threatening way. The result? More viable leads for clients (property owners) AND customers (renters). 

“We’re increasing the speed of communication, and that converts leads,” Tony said. “Podium is a lead-converting machine.”

Podium, a “lead-converting machine.”

As Webchat improved customer communication, customer satisfaction increased–along with positive online reviews. 

“We’re able to deliver an exceptional customer experience by keeping in contact with them,” Tony said. “Then we can ask, ‘Do you have 30 seconds to fill out a review really quick?’”

These reviews have improved SEO, making it easier for potential customers to find the website, and building on a foundation of hundreds of 5-star reviews.

“When potential clients talk to us on the phone or through Webchat, they’re literally telling us, ‘I don’t know how we can’t go with you guys because of the number of 5-star reviews you have. I might as well just choose you; where do I sign?’” Tony said. 

Since signing up with Podium, RPM Alamo has been accelerating in a positive feedback loop of better customer communication, higher customer satisfaction, and more positive online reviews. 

“The overall increase for our business has been at least 20 percent,” Tony said. “We’ve generated more revenue, decreased vacancy rates, and pulled in more leads for our clients than we could have in multiple years. That is priceless.”

RPM’s website is no longer a pretty “for sale” sign in the yard; it’s a hub of activity that generates valuable leads and positive online reviews. Finally, a valuable, easy-to-manage piece of real estate. No property tax necessary.