Sheila Humphrey has worked at Ultra Clean Car Wash for 14 years. Over that time she has built strong relationships with all of her regular customers. Up until recently, those relationships didn’t manifest themselves in the form of online reviews. In the past, Humphrey would ask customers from time to time to leave a review, but there was no effective way to track or follow up on the invitations.


That all changed when Ultra Clean Car Wash implemented Podium. Now, Humphrey asks virtually everyone who comes through the car wash to leave a review after she sets them up with their desired wash. Because Podium makes it so easy to leave a review, many customers do so before they even leave the premises.


In a little more than a month using Podium, Ultra Clean Car Wash collected 545 new reviews and with a 5-star rating on Google. However, Podium is doing more than just improving the online reputation of the carwash, it is also driving new business.


Recently, Humphrey approached a customer with out-of-state tags on his car. After getting the customer set up with a wash, she asked the customer if he would be willing to leave a review if he was satisfied with the service. To her surprise, the customer said the reason he chose to come to Ultra Clean Car Wash was because of its good reviews. “That experience reinforced the value Podium brings to our business,” related Humphrey.


“It’s obvious that people are going online to find out if businesses have good reviews before coming to them.” Podium has now become an integral part of Humphrey’s daily routine. In addition to inviting all of her customers, she is closely monitoring the app to see which customers click on the link, recommend the business, and ultimately leave a review.