The Challenge


VASA Fitness is a full-service gym and spa dedicated to helping people find happiness through emotional and physical health. But after a string of bad reviews, VASA was left feeling like they skipped leg day and no amount of protein powder could fix it. With more than 25 locations and 40+ reviews per location per month, VASA needed a scalable review management solution faster than you can say “gym selfie.”


The Solution


After a few painful months in front of the mirror, VASA found their #swolemate in Podium. “It’s really important that we’re constantly improving our reviews,” said Julia Price, social media specialist at VASA, “so people can see not only positive feedback but also current feedback.” Now that a product and plan were in place, VASA was ready to max out their customer feedback.


The Result


It didn’t take long for VASA to see results in their online ratings—quickly going from a 2.9 to a 4.0. Overall, customer satisfaction was up and churn was down, but it wasn’t just customers who preferred Podium. “It makes managing all your reviews in one place fast and convenient,” commented Julia. With a reputation as clean as their hydro-massage chairs, VASA was making some major gains online and off.