10 Ways Property Managers Can Use Text Messaging

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The renter customer journey is filled with opportunities to connect and convert. From discovery to lease decision to referral, renters are ready to connect with property management on the channel they use the most—texting. And it’s no surprise. 90% of consumers prefer to interact with a brand via text messaging. Join us in this webinar as we present 10 ways you can use text messaging to better connect and convert rental prospects.

In this webinar, you’ll learn the value of text as a channel and how it can:

  • Increase open rates and conversion rates
  • Improve the customer experience with the most preferred communication channel
  • Build relationships between renters and your brand
  • Create a seamless conversational journey for every customer



Jamie Cosgrove

VP of Financial Services, Podium


Matt Ure

Strategic Director of Financial Services, Podium

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