SMS Marketing 101 for Banks and Credit Unions

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Convenience and speed are top priorities for consumers in every industry. But for banking, they dictate critical decisions on where to bank, where to apply for a loan, and where to go when you’re ready to refinance. Find out how banks and credit unions can keep up with consumer demands for real-time connection and mobile-first experiences with SMS marketing. Use texting to nurture leads, increase sales, and collect online reviews, boosting your online reputation.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why personalized text messages convert leads to customers and members
  • How to build an opt-in flow to grow your marketing list
  • Tips and tricks to increase response rates and promotional engagement
  • Best practices for providing value to your opt-in list



Marc Hansen

Director, Enterprise Marketing - Podium


Isaiah Rendorio

Product Marketing Manager - Podium

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