Why calling your customers is costing you business

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The way that consumers communicate is different. No longer will phone and email be a sufficient way to maintain contact and interact with your customers. Today’s consumer is much more comfortable communicating via text or other messaging apps. Automotive businesses that aren’t catering to these differing communication preferences will be left behind, and will ultimately experience ramifications to their bottom line.

In this webinar, we will discuss new SMS strategies leading Australian dealerships are using to modernise their sales and service businesses, as well as improve CSI. We’ll also hear from a current Podium customer who will provide an overview of the significant impact hanging up the phone, and instead pressing send has had in their service centres.

Key objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of today’s communication landscape – why you should text and not call your service customers
  • How using messaging to augment your service will significantly boost your customer experience, while vastly improving your retention.
  • Why collecting vehicle deposits via text is the new sales tool you need to have in your arsenal


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Ed Tapley

Automotive Specialist, Podium


Anthony Birkbeck

Strategic Account Executive, Podium

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