Chiropractors do a lot to help patients alleviate their biggest pains, but to keep making a difference, your office also needs to help itself. Creating and executing a great chiro marketing plan is key to bringing new patients to your practice and sustaining your growth.

So what exactly makes a chiropractic marketing plan go from good to great? For starters, you need to focus on online marketing strategies. Searching for care on the internet—whether it be through Google, social media, or a similar platform—is increasingly proving to be a key part of the patient journey. This means your chiropractic practice must show up on the web to reach the people who need you most.

We’ll provide a handful of chiropractic marketing ideas to help you strategize and succeed.

Chiro marketing on social media

Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience. In fact, over 40% of consumers say their healthcare choices are directly impacted by social media.

When you start optimizing your social presence and sharing strategic content on leading platforms, you can build brand recognition, gain new leads, and even become a thought leader in your industry.

Here are four chiro marketing tactics that you can implement on social media to make the most out of your time and money:

1. Facebook business page optimization

Facebook is the most-used social network in the world, with over 2.6 billion active users every single month. When potential patients are searching for comprehensive information about your chiropractic business on social media, there’s a good chance they’ll take a look at your Facebook page in the process.

If you don’t want to lose out on potential leads, you’ll need to fully optimize your business page for both Facebook search and user engagement. To do so, you can:

  • Update your profile picture and cover photo.
  • Add a call-to-action (CTA) button to your page, driving visitors to your site or appointment booking page.
  • Fully complete your company information, including your phone number, address, hours of operation, description, website, and more.
  • Make sure your Facebook page category is accurate.

Beyond these basic steps, you can further engage and impress your potential and current patients by responding to Facebook recommendations, which are real reviews from people who received your chiropractic services. Don’t forget to consistently post on Facebook and respond to messages in a timely manner.

2. Social media ads

While organic posts on any social media platform are great for keeping your following engaged, paid ads can more quickly help you achieve your chiro marketing goals. Investing in these marketing tools can help you get highly specific about who you want to reach on social media—targeting specific ZIP codes, demographics, interests, and more—so you can greatly improve your ROI.

Facebook ads even allow you to retarget people who visited your chiropractic website and exclude people who are already following your business page, so you get the best results.

Social media ads make it easy for you to target the exact group of people you want to reach, as well as set your own budget. This makes them a great digital marketing option even if your chiropractic office doesn’t have the biggest budget.

3. Video marketing

Finally, you’ll also want to consider adding video to your social media presence. Whether you’re educating people about how they can alleviate back pain at home or showing the real results of your chiropractic services, video marketing is a highly engaging way to share your message that’s proven to convert.

YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn are the three top channels you should focus on if you choose to add video to your social media content.

Chiro marketing on your website

As the world of internet users becomes more digitally savvy, having a website with an attractive look and great content is becoming more important. For any business—beyond just the world of chiropractic care—you need your site to be engaging, convert visitors, and provide the information your prospective patients are looking for.

Here are a few elements of a great chiropractic website that you can implement at no cost:

1. Contact information

Making it easy for potential patients to reach out to your chiropractic business should be a priority as you’re building your site. At the least, you need to have your contact info on display, so visitors are able to convert in the first place.

However, if you want to maximize your lead generation, you need to help patients reach out without even leaving their current page. You can do so by embedding contact forms or the customizable Podium Webchat widget, which collects phone numbers for easy SMS conversations, to each page.

We also recommend making it easy for customers to book appointments right on your site, so they don’t have to reach out if they don’t have any questions. For 35% of patients, the ability to book online will be a major deciding factor for whether or not they’ll choose you.

2. Testimonials

Patients want to know that your chiropractic office can be trusted before they choose you. When you want to build this trust, asking your current patients to share their experiences is a great move.

Consumers naturally trust their peers, so highlighting positive reviews from real patients on your site can give them the social proof they need before they book an appointment. If you can get video testimonials and put a face and voice behind the words, your website’s testimonials page can have even more impact.

3. Search engine optimization

When people experience back pain–or any other health issue your chiropractic office deals with—one of the first places they’ll turn to for solutions is Google. This is why every page on your site should be as SEO-friendly as possible.

In addition to adding relevant keywords, meta descriptions, and backlinks to the content of your website, you should also make sure the overall user experience is set up to rank. Search engines will rank your page higher if it is mobile friendly and has fast load times. Plus, if your website design encourages people to stay and click through each page, Google will see your site as a relevant result.

One great step you can take to boost your SEO is adding landing pages—which target specific search terms and are built to convert—to your site. You can create specific landing pages for each service you offer, common symptoms or conditions that you treat, each city in your service area, and more.

Chiro marketing through local SEO

Generalized SEO won’t necessarily drive patients to your office. People who find you while using search terms like “neck pain” and “whiplash” may not be in your state, let alone your service area. This is why optimizing your online presence for local search is a must.

Many, if not most, of your quality leads will come from Google searches with local intent, which may include search terms like “chiropractor near me.”

To help you reach searchers in your target market, consider adding these local SEO tactics to your chiropractic marketing strategy:

1. Optimize your Google My Business page

One of the best ways to get your business featured on local searches—including searches on Google Maps—is by fully completing and optimizing your Google My Business profile.

Your optimization should largely involve adding elements that tell Google exactly where your office operates, including:

  • Your local business address
  • Your service area
  • Local keywords, where possible

Verifying your business will further prove to Google that you exist and serve people in your area.

2. Guest blogging

Creating city-specific landing pages is a great local search tactic that we already mentioned as part of your website strategy, but you can also work with other reputable businesses in your area to boost your local SEO, too. When you write guest blog posts for trustworthy websites, owned by other local companies, you’ll earn great backlinks that further improve your ranking.

Simply reach out to local businesses that are relevant to your chiropractic practice—which may include family doctors, wellness spas, and more—and ask if they’re open to you writing a guest blog post. If not, you can still potentially ask for a backlink on one of their existing pages or ask them to consider a partnership (in which you can refer each other), which can be featured on one of their web pages.

Enhance your chiro marketing

With the right online marketing tactics in place, your chiropractic office will be better equipped to reach, convert, and serve new patients in your service area. Focusing on various areas of social media, website, and local search marketing can help chiropractors get better results from their efforts.

When you pair your new chiro marketing plan with a digital tool like Podium, you can also increase the impact of your word-of-mouth marketing. Learn how Podium has helped a chiropractic business increase reviews by 240% and how it can help you, too.

Bryan Oram
Bryan Oram AVP of Healthcare Enterprise Sales

Bryan Oram is a Healthcare professional at Podium, the leading messaging platform that connects healthcare businesses with their patients.

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