We already know that effective pest control and fantastic customer service have a major impact on your business. However, one area often overlooked is how much money you could save while also increasing business. By combining the right cost-savings tactics with increased revenue simultaneously, your small business will be in the perfect position to thrive among the competition. 

Keep reading below as we break down a few of the best sites for saving money on professional pest control sprayers, chemicals, and other professional grade equipment.



First up on our list of sites that will save you money on professional pest control equipment is QSpray. This spray offers a wide selection of professional grade pest control products at competitive prices so you won’t overpay for equipment.

The president of Qspray, Andrew Greess, along with the other folks of Quality Equipment & Spray, have years of industry experience and know how business owners can save money. The site is catered to pest control company owners rather than do-it-yourselfers and provides a lot of valuable information on top of just the products they stock. Heading over to the Qspray blog will present you with great ways to maximize business, streamline your processes, and reduce costs. 

While it’s always a good idea to shop around and find the best price on new sprayers, chemicals, and other products, starting with repairing what you currently have is often a much better option than replacing. 

Qspray offers routine checklists every business owner should utilize to ensure the longest life from your tools. Additionally, the site stocks replacement parts for expensive equipment too, meaning you can get the right part to get that pump up and running again instead of buying a whole new unit. If you’ve done some shopping around online already, then you’ve undoubtedly seen just how many online suppliers don’t offer specific pieces for repair. 

That’s why Qspray is a valuable resource for your equipment and business. Upgrading gear is great, but only when you can justify the price. Don’t overspend on your business and save money by repairing something broken, not replacing it.


Solutions Pest & Lawn 

Next up on the list is Solutions Pest & Lawn, a great resource for both those new to the pest control industry and experienced professionals alike. If you’ve recently launched a pest control business, then you may already be familiar with this site. It’s a fantastic resource for learning about different kinds of chemicals, tools, and ways to effectively handle pests of all varieties. 

However, what you may not have known is that Solutions Pest and Lawn also offer wholesale accounts for business owners of all sizes to help grow and expand their ventures. If you’re operating a pest control business, there’s no reason to be paying retail prices for insecticides and equipment when there are better options available. Check out the Solutions Pest & Lawn Wholesale Account page for details on how you can qualify and sign up. It’s free to join, has no minimum quantity requirements, and offers bulk discounts for larger purchases.

This all may sound too good to be true, but that’s the beauty of wholesale. Wholesale accounts through Solutions Pest & Lawn give you access to manufacture direct pricing by cutting out a large chunk of the cost associated with going through a traditional middleman. And, because Solutions Pest & Lawn has over 18 distribution centers nationwide, you’ll not only get lower costs but fast shipping and easy ordering as well.  



Closing up the list is the vehicle-specific site Comvoy. We already know how important vehicles are for moving gear around and maintaining a professional image with customers, so it’s crucial not to overlook this expensive piece of equipment.

When first starting off, it’s not uncommon to bootstrap your business and use an old personally-owned truck. However, once you’ve got the business going and are looking at expansion, you’ll need to increase the number of vehicles as you grow your team. 

When that time comes, you’ll want to look at options specifically catered to pest control professionals. Comvoy allows pest control business owners to specifically look at vehicles capable of handling your specific needs. It can be expensive to purchase and modify vehicles. Instead, business owners can save money by purchasing work-ready vehicles. In addition, Comvoy has a used vehicle inventory to choose from; a large inventory of high quality vehicles for a lower price. 


The Takeaway

As a business owner, you know how important it is to make sure you’re not overspending on items and protect your bottom line. Fortunately, there are a variety of options available to aid in your success. Whether it’s learning about ways to properly maintain and repair the equipment you already have or gaining access to industry-specific pricing (and ditching the retail price tag!), these pest control equipment sites can ensure you’re consistently getting the best prices available and saving the most money. Other things to consider if you’re buying or selling your best control business or a checklist for your technicians’ certifications.

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