Your customers aren’t the only ones using a myriad of communication tools. Internal teams often lose productivity and focus splitting conversations between text, phone calls, emails, and more. Teamchat creates a single workforce management tool to help optimize your time and attention.


How Podium Acts as a Workforce Management Tool

It can be difficult and complex to ensure each staff member has the information they need when they need it. There can be negative ramifications to this problem; If one employee is out of the loop, your customers might notice and think less of your business. A workforce management tool can organize everyone so they’re on the same page. It can also assist in working together towards shared goals. 

1. Collaborate on Customer Conversations

Podium makes it easy to pass conversations between team members. With this software, conversations come with context. Team members can see a customer’s previous interactions with your staff to allow them to pick up in the right place. Additionally, you can assign conversations in Podium so that everyone knows which communication threads to respond to.  

Rather than delegating one person to be responsible for all incoming customer correspondence, collaborating allows you to assign conversations to the best person for the job. This opens the door to redirect leads to your sales team, complaints to your customer service team, and questions to the department most suited to handle the task at hand. 

2. Connect Across Distances

Your team may be divided by space and schedules. If so, you know it’s not always possible to gather everyone for regular check-ins. Podium provides a platform that acts as a digital meeting place where your team members can interact regardless of how often they see each other in person. 

Effective teamwork requires seamless communication. By offering an easy means of speaking with one another, Podium can help your team share valuable information and build a sense of unity. 

3. Interact Directly or in Groups

If Keith didn’t change the coffee filter again, there’s no need to alert your entire staff. But if you’re implementing a new initiative to increase sales, your whole team may need to know about it. Podium allows you to send messages directly to individuals or to groups to make disseminating information simple and focused. 

Knowledge is important, but unnecessary intel can cloud judgment and make it more difficult to focus on the most important details. Being able to correspond directly or in groups allows you to target your communication, so the right people receive the message. 

4. Send Attachments

People say a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes, a picture, video, GIF or other attachment may accomplish more than words alone. That’s why Podium allows you to share attachments within messages. 

Sending attachments can provide added clarity to your message. For instance, if you need to explain a new procedure, a quick video tutorial may be clearer than a written message—and faster too.


Get Podium Teamchat

Podium Teamchat can serve as your hub for team communication. Teamchat condenses both customer and employee conversations into one convenient platform, making it easy to manage a variety of interactions.

With Teamchat, you can assign and manage customer conversations. Assigning conversations helps direct threads to the correct department and ensure they don’t slip through the cracks. Additionally, Podium provides context for these conversations, so it is easy to pass off a conversation without having to restart it from scratch. That way, communications don’t become a game of telephone.

Teamchat also enables your team members to interact with each other. Whether they message each other directly or as groups, your staff can share information. Since they don’t need to align on the same schedule or workplace to interact, Podium can help open up untapped lines of communication within your staff. Thus, enhancing company culture and team bonding.


How Fantasy Springs Resort & Casino Uses Podium as a Workforce Management Tool

Fantasy Springs Resort & Casino needed a way to streamline its communication channels. Between emails, texts, social media messages, and online reviews, juggling customer communications was disjointed and complex. When Fantasy Springs implemented Podium, it soon found that staff could communicate more quickly and efficiently with customers, which enhanced the overall customer experience.

Matt Boyce
Matt Boyce Head of SMB Marketing

Matt Boyce is a marketing and business professional at Podium, the premiere messaging platform that connects local businesses with their customers.

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