The COVID-19 pandemic is evolving, and auto service shops are quickly adapting to the challenges associated with it. Now more than ever, shops are embracing “working together” models to creatively lean into customer collaboration and ensure the safety of everyone that visits their centers.


In just over a month, many shops have implemented creative “no-touch” measures that leverage text-based tools to communicate with their customers through every step of the repair process.


Shops have updated their websites to share their new employee policies during the crisis. They’ve embraced Podium to answer inbound inquiries about their policies through Webchat and text, and to collect text-based payments. And some have even reconfigured their services to maintain social distancing.


They are embracing alternatives to in-person visits such as “delivery signature care,” which allows customers to schedule their body shop valet service from the comfort of their homes. As well as “drive up and go” concierge services for customers to park anywhere in the parking lot, shoot over a text for a staff member to pick up their vehicle and begin the repair process.


These programs not only seamlessly improve customer interactions during the crisis by shifting all interactions—from inquiry to payment—to text. They also safeguard customers against the spread of the Coronavirus and let customers know that you not only care about their business but that you value their wellbeing and their loyalty.