Giving guests a better experience starts with how you connect with them.

Collect more reviews, communicate with guests, and collect payments—all through text.


Your guests love you—make it easy for them to show it.

Your prospects rely on star ratings to make their decision, so make it easier for guests to leave a review by sending a text invite directly to their phones.

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Get them booked before your competition even calls them back.

Take them directly from your website to a text thread. Then send pictures and links, schedule bookings, and follow up with details and additional offers.

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Your guests are on the go. Let them pay that way.

Nobody likes to read credit numbers over the phone or be tied down to a computer. Instead, send a payment link directly to their phones.

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Connect with the tools you’re already using.

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“It was shocking how quickly we could answer questions, and how quickly they’d go straight from that to booking a trip.”

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Kai Kanani

David Taylor