What's New in Podium: October 2021

'Tis the season for free text marketing templates.

Happy holiday season! For many local businesses, now is the time to put the final touches on your holiday campaigns. From your Halloween promos to gearing up for New Years, and everything in between.

That’s why we’re getting in the spirit and starting this month’s “What’s New” with free SMS Marketing toolkits.

In addition to free text marketing templates, read on to learn more about updates to the Podium navigation and enhancements to Podium Payments that get your funds to you faster.

Need text marketing ideas? We’ve got you covered.

Text Marketing Template Library. Building on the subscriber growth kit shared last month, Podium recently launched an SMS Marketing template library to help you choose from among the most effective texts we’ve seen for a variety of use cases and industries.

You can browse and deploy a growing list of top-performing campaigns for:  

  • Holiday offers 
  • Product promotions & in-stock notifications 
  • Events 
  • Industry-specific messaging

Just navigate to the Campaigns tab in Podium and create a new message to get started. Learn more about getting started with Podium’s text marketing here.

Be sure to check out our fresh holiday content, including a handy promotion calendar and best practices for holiday text marketing.


New navigation for a more intuitive experience.

Navigation Enhancements. October brought an exciting and impactful top navigation update to make the full breadth of Podium capabilities easier to read and access. 

Like products are now grouped in the top navigation, as shown below:

For more on these changes and other Inbox experience enhancements coming on the roadmap this fall, check out this quick, on-demand roadmap webinar.


Make managing transactions more seamless for your business.

Keyed-in Transactions. Sometimes, the most convenient way to charge a card is by manually entering the customer’s card information. Now you can with manual card entry in Podium Payments. 

Visit this page to walk through how to take manual card entry on your transactions in Podium.

Next-day Payouts. October also brought the launch of next-day payouts in Podium. That means money you collect with Podium Payments will be transferred to your bank account on the next business day.

With next-day payouts, the time between receiving a payment and the money making it to your bank account is shorter than ever. You can see more about this new capability here

Monthly Fee Billing. Finally, you can now opt in to Monthly Fee Billing by verifying your preferred bank account. With this turned on, your business will have payment fees charged at the end of every month instead of with every transaction.

If you’re interested, visit this guide to see how to enable Monthly Fee Billing in Podium.

Note that Next-day Payouts and Monthly Fee Billing are only available in the US and to paid package customers.