We are now a society that takes essential decisions, including finding a dentist based on a review.

We’re living in a world where trust does not come easily, especially when it’s something as delicate as dental health. Dental care is a sensitive matter for all of us, and when we’re going to the dentist, we want the assurance that he/she will be sure super friendly and helpful and effectively treat whatever problems we’re experiencing.

But more importantly, we want the confidence that a dentist will effectively cure us, hence why every review counts for a dentist.

But alas, we cannot trust one to be a great dentist till we have some written or tangible evidence of their excellent dental practice. No matter how much a trusted source may highly recommend a dentist to you, a review will always succeed more in appeasing your apprehensions.

In this article, we will discuss how a review can greatly enhance the reputation of dental practices and why a dentist needs to be on the best review sites for winning new patients.

What the best-rated dentists have in their reviews.

You must acknowledge one review fact: you need to have stellar dental reviews to become a top-rated dentist.  But at the same time, you must not believe that just any review will convince a visitor to adopt you as their favorite dentist.

As we said, people take their dental health seriously, especially a new patient, and rightfully so. They do not pick a dentist based on the first sleazy review they read or the impressive front desk of a dentist’s office: they look at every review and the evidence in the review.

Let’s take a look at what the best-rated dentists have in their reviews below:

  1. Every review for a good dentistry practice is somewhat in detail. Dental care is complex and intricate, and if a patient is delighted with the services of a professional, they will take time to write raving reviews about the said professional. The lengthier reviews your dentistry practice has, the more patients you will win
  2. For a prospective patient, the more details a review entails of the services, treatment methods, technology used, and disposition of a dentist, the better. Patients seek assurance all the time and a great dentist ensures their reviews have all the information patients are looking for. If a patient is going to highly recommend a dentist, they must include all aspects of their personal experience with a dentist in their review.
  3. The relevance of reviews is another essential feature that a great dentistry practice must-have. Patients will not fall for reviews that were posted five years ago. Dental practices can fluctuate like every other business too, and patients wouldn’t trust that a particular professional is still as great a dentist as a particular patient said he/she was years ago. The best dental practices have reviews that are current and relevant so people know that their dentistry is still thriving.
  4. The top-rated dentists will not have only 5-star reviews because, honestly, patients will find that too farfetched. Consider yourself as a patient in dire need of dental care. Will you fall for only glowing reviews? No, the best reviews reflect honesty by showing all manner of things a patient experienced with a dentist. Even if the services were satisfactory but a dentist was not as friendly and helpful as they should have been, posting it in a review will satisfy visitors that a particular dentistry practice is not fabricating the truth.
  5. The top-rated dentists prioritize the quantity of reviews too. We wouldn’t trust our dental care with a dentist who has only twenty reviews on his/her site, even if they’re all five stars. The top-rated dentists usually have a significant number of reviews, even in hundreds and more. This means that you will come across few bad reviews for a dentist as well but that’s alright; if I was going to the dentist and came across reviews that had no ratings below 4 stars at all, it would surely have made me skeptical as a new patient.
  6. When you look at the sites of best-rated dentists, you will find a review or more that praises a dentist for being a thorough professional but also pay kudos to his/her office staff. Such reviews shed a positive light on the dentistry expertise but the friendly staff of the office too. Hence, the best sites also feature reviews stating something like, “the front desk made me feel comfortable right away,” etc.
  7. Being a professional dentist matters through and through, not only in administering treatments but also responding proactively to reviews from your patients. Hence, the best dentists always promptly acknowledge positive reviews on their sites too. You will see prompt responses and a warm, caring tone in each review which further highlights how professional they are.

9 top dental review sites you can’t afford to miss.

Every single review matters to a dentist because they bring in more patients. What good is your dentistry, after all, if you have a meager number of patients under your dental care? No matter how fancy your office or your front desk is or the friendly staff you have employed, if you’re not winning more patients, you’re not earning much success.

Your contacts may try their utmost to highly recommend your dental office by word of mouth, but if you’re not listed on one of the top review sites, you’ll lack progress.

Hence, if you’re aiming to become a great dentist, here are the top 9 review sites you need to be on.

Facebook Review

Facebook Review of Dental Practice

As an ambitious dentist, you have to make your place on Facebook. It is one of the most extensive review platforms for all businesses, including dental care. It has around 2.6 billion active users, and imagine the recognition your dentistry will earn from the reviews patients will post here about you.

When patients search for local dentists on the Facebook page, the raving reviews (recommendations on FB) help place you at the top of the list. Being top-rated on this site is a sure way to become a great dentist. Encourage your patients to leave detailed reviews on Facebook on your dental services; each review will matter significantly. 


Google Review

GMB Logo

 57.5% of the reviews that pour in from around the world are on Google. Every review that your patients leave on Google will boost your dentistry rankings. Thousands of prospective patients will recognize you as a great dentist as you earn multiple reviews because Google will list your dental practice whenever patients search for a local dentist.

Your dentistry can benefit tremendously if you claim your profile on Google my Business and set Google reviews for your dental services there.


Yelp Review

Screenshot of Dental Yelp Reviews

This review site has seen exponential growth, reporting 131 million visits in just the past six months. This review site has even ranked as the best online reference and a robust global presence.

If you want someone to highly recommend your dental practice, let Yelp do it for you. Every review a dentist earns here will boost your dentistry business.


1-800 Dentist Review

Screenshot of 1-800-Dentist

This is an interactive review site that gets at least 165,000 visits. Patients looking for dentist recommendations have to answer five questions. After a dental visit, patients must also review their experience and services from a dentist.


Zocdoc Review

screenshot of Zoedoc website

Zocdoc helps patients set up appointments with a dentist of their choice, and when they are through with it, the site emails for a review. Zocdoc also helps a dentist earn permanent patients by reminding them of follow-ups and pending cleaning sessions.



Illustration of 7 top dental review sites you should be monitoring

As a dentist, you can interact with your community members, even existing or new patients. You can answer dental questions, post-dental articles, and encourage appointment booking through this site.



This is one of the largest online databases featuring patient reviews. It is not just a review site but also an educational dental guide. If you’re a dentist and feature on vitals, you can win a lot of patients here. It informs patients of the local dentists in their area, encourages an appointment, and follows up for a review.


Caredash made its one-million user landmark in 2019, and since its patients’ database has expanded even more. It is a transparent healthcare, including dental practice, review site, and allows patients to look for a reputable dentist in their area.

Patients leave a review and rating to share their experience here.


screenshot of Healthgrades website

Healthgrades is one of the top-rated, most reliable review sites, and any dentist and dental practice that earns positive reviews here are on the route to success. Patients find all the dental information they desire and book an appointment with a dentist.  It has millions of dental care reviews but more attractive features as well.

It is not only a dental review site, but you can find a plethora of health information here too. Dental care is just a segment of the vast healthcare education this site features.

As a dentist, you can attract a wide number of patients by making your profile here. Every review that your satisfied patients will leave elevate and boost your dental practice immeasurably.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a dentist, this article will surely enlighten you on the top review sites you need and just what kind of a review you should be earning on your dental profile. All of the review sites we have mentioned here will benefit all the dental office owners around but learn to increase your positive reviews tenfold with Podium. You can get started with Podium for free today.

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